Update May 16, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added guided tutorial to Factory.
  2. Added machine tier to machine info box in Factory.
  3. Added animation to next region button in the Tower Testing UI to indicate a region switch.
  4. Added hotkey to open options menu.
  5. Added key (’delete’) to unbind hotkeys.
  6. Added new module ’Marble Foundation’.


  1. Increased width of machine info box to prevent text wrapping.
  2. Factory recipes now cache more data (slightly improves the performance of crafting related AI functions).
  3. Changed transparency of next/previous region buttons in the Tower Testing UI.


  1. Fixed ’Infinity Impetus’ typo.
  2. Fixed event handler for shipment collected not unbinding inside Shipyard.
  3. Fixed achievement notifications not appearing after going to the main menu and back to the game.
  4. Fixed escape key closing the Workshop instead of skipping the tutorial when tutorial is active.