Update May 24, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added progress bar for offline progress calculation.
  2. Added warning when importing a blueprint in the Headquarters.
  3. Added warning when importing an AI script in the Workshop.
  4. Added hotkey to sell Power Stones.
  5. Added hotkey to trash item in Factory.
  6. Added remaining processing time to Factory machines.
  7. Added thousand separators (comma) to highscore in Tower Testing examination screen.
  8. Added delete script confirmation dialog.
  9. Added delete blueprint confirmation dialog.
  10. Added exit to main menu confirmation dialog.
  11. Added element to enemy info window.
  12. Added AI action ’Factory: Trash’.


  1. Changed button to unset hotkeys to ’backspace’ (previously ’delete’).
  2. Hotkey for rotating Town Assets can now be changed.
  3. Empty blueprints can no longer be imported in the Workshop.
  4. Quantum Defense now only triggers when the tower receives equal or more than 0.01 damage.
  5. Pressing esc in the script editor now closes the script editor instead of the Headquarters.
  6. AI learning overlay now updates hotkey on reopening.


  1. Fixed modules draining energy even if their trigger condition is not met.
  2. Fixed Titanium Hull not scaling from T5 to T6.
  3. Fixed damage text wrapping in enemy info window.
  4. Fixed deleting blueprints in Workshop sometimes leading to a broken UI.
  5. Fixed being able to unlock infinity stones after the round has ended.
  6. Fixed Museum boosts not updating after using infinity perk.

Update #2

  1. Disabled 2nd floor to Factory -> don’t use it if you’re on B3 as it might lock your savegame in the future.
  2. Fixed era divider not working.