Update June 7, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added option to show module description in-game via a tooltip.
  2. Added option to auto-save during Tower Testing.
  3. Added hotkey to switch between coils in electricity experiment (A/D or left-/right-arrow).
  4. Added tooltips to town perks.
  5. Added "hits taken" to Tower Testing statistics.
  6. Added option to pause individual workers.
  7. Added worker task for freezing water in the water experiment.
  8. Added worker tasks for upgrading modules during Tower Testing with xp.
  9. Added worker tasks for upgrading modules during Tower Testing with gems.
  10. Added worker tasks to upgrade era dividers.
  11. Added AI function ’Restart Tower Testing’.


  1. Hammers are now stackable.
  2. Highest damage taken statistic now properly shows the first decimal if the highest damage was below 1.
  3. Importing AI scripts now shows required RAM if importing failed.
  4. Tower attack cycle is not handled via a coroutine anymore.
  5. Improved projectile handling (slightly increases performance).
  6. Artifact research time and duration is now a double instead of a float.
  7. Refining time display now goes up to 99999.
  8. Shard amount in Mine is now formatted based on chosen number format.
  9. Item count for items being processed in machines is now formatted based on the chosen number format.


  1. Fixed very large machine processing duration numbers not updating properly.
  2. Fixed wording in shipyard infinity perk.
  3. Fixed exotic producer achievement not being unlocked.

Update #2

  1. Fixed >999 in Factory still being displayed during refining.
  2. Minor changes to aoe module effects.
  3. Improved scene transition before offline processing start.