Update August 29, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added military perks.
  2. Added shortcut to military perks to Town.
  3. Added base set of military perks via mod loader.
  4. Added Power Plant second floor.
  5. Added Mine second floor.
  6. Added Factory second floor.
  7. Added town xp factor to stats display.
  8. Added tower xp factor to stats display.
  9. Added hotkey to manually skip wave.
  10. Added hotkey to toggle skill UI (Tower Testing).
  11. Added zoom via mouse wheel to infinity board.
  12. Added animation to Town Perk button if upgrades are available.
  13. Added animation to Town Asset button if upgrades are available.
  14. Added animation to Worker button if upgrades are available.
  15. Added animation to Military Perks button if upgrades are available.
  16. Added an additional tier to the Construction Firm.
  17. Added new Dr. Cubical hint.
  18. Added new worker tasks.
  19. Added tooltips for contracts.
  20. Added tutorial for military perks.
  21. Added help page for town perks.
  22. Added help page for military perks.
  23. Added offline progression for Fire Experiment.
  24. Added x3 speed via Dyson Sphere.
  25. Added achievement Wheres the sun?
  26. Added artifact Quantum Warehouse.
  27. Added artifact Hyper Trading Table.
  28. Added artifact Unstable Matter.
  29. Added module Awareness.
  30. Added module Radar.
  31. Added module Magic Orbs.
  32. Added module Checkboard Aura.
  33. Added module Fire Crit.
  34. Added module Water Crit.
  35. Added module Earth Crit.
  36. Added module Air Crit.
  37. Added module Nature Crit.
  38. Added module Light Crit.
  39. Added module Darkness Crit.
  40. Added module Electricity Crit.


  1. Changed order of sidebar buttons in Town.
  2. Headquarters can now be unlocked at Construction Firm T1.
  3. Moved all other buildings one Construction Firm tier higher.
  4. Moved Arcade another Construction Firm tier higher.
  5. Mine and Factory tier availability is now linked to Construction Firm tier.
  6. Moved Artifacts out of the Museum and into the core logic of the game.
  7. Artifacts are now refactored into the new loader system and are not hardcoded anymore.
  8. Module instances are now pooled.
  9. Renamed military tier 15 from ’Dyson Sphere’ to ’FTL Travel’.
  10. Removed ’modules start at maxed Tier’ rewards.
  11. AI scripts max. actions now ranged from 7 to 25 instead of 4 to 22.
  12. Renamed ’<element> Boost’ modules to ’Anti-<element> Projectiles’.
  13. Renamed old ’<element> crit’ to ’anti-element> crit’.
  14. Raised base town resource drops from 1-2 to 2-3.
  15. Improved worker mining task description.
  16. Improved projectile and floating text performance.
  17. Special effect instances are now limited to 1000 simultaneous instances per type.
  18. Refactored achievement management.
  19. Refactored artifact management.
  20. Reduced particle count of breath effects.
  21. Projectiles now disappear faster if more than 100 projectiles are present on the screen.
  22. Projectiles are now marked for cleanup if the primary target has died during the same tick instead of the next.
  23. Worker mining task does not generate new layers anymore if the current grid has not been fully mined yet and the worker is missing resources to dig.
  24. Increased damage of basic elemental attack modules.
  25. Replaced particle shader with a simpler one.
  26. Increased default inventory size in Factory from 72 to 108 slots.
  27. Reduced the base research duration of ’Autoskip’ to 20 minutes at 1 FLOP (previously ~555hours).
  28. Slightly amplified the hp bonus of granite foundation.


  1. Fixed floating text behind resource button in Mine.
  2. Fixed floating text behind resource button in Power Plant.
  3. Fixed highest damage taken sometimes not displaying correct values.
  4. Fixed unnecessary module instance allocations.
  5. Fixed assassin type enemies not being clickable.
  6. Fixed time formatter for Museum statistic goals.
  7. Fixed Construction Firm workers not upgrading the second most expensive building if expensive is chosen and not enough resources are present to upgrade the most expensive building.
  8. Fixed deleting an AI script while holding shift causing an error.
  9. Fixed deleting a module blueprint while holding shift causing an error.
  10. Fixed a potential issue related to floating texts filling up the log file.
  11. Fixed error messages when importing scripts that require more ram.
  12. Fixed difficulties in normal mode and challenges showing up as completed if the tower had been destroyed in the final wave.