Update August 30, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added tooltips to the Factory tree farm.
  2. Added info labels to Asteroid Mining.


  1. Collect all rewards button now only shows up if a cluster has been selected.
  2. Lowered the base price for scanning asteroids from 1e10 to 1e9.


  1. Fixed item recipe preview disappearing in the Factory when going from the second floor back to the first.
  2. Fixed rewards from tree farm not being saved in the output slot.
  3. Fixed worker task for water experiment being available before unlocking water experiment.
  4. Fixed missing localization for hotkey ’toggle skillbar’.
  5. Fixed building tier in UI not refreshing if it’s open while the building increased in tier.
  6. Fixed military perk that boosts era essence damage bonus not showing up in the town stats menu.
  7. Fixed buttons in exotic experiment expanding out of the experiment area.
  8. Fixed adaptive regeneration description typo.