Update September 13, 2021

New Stuff

  1. The Shipyard has been reworked.
  2. Added Shipyard tutorial.
  3. Added global boosts.
  4. Added AI action ’Mine: delete cluster’.
  5. Added AI function ’Mine: cluster count’.


  1. Xp can now be gathered infinitely after reaching max. Town level.


  1. Fixed Factory item mass.
  2. Fixed fabricator wasting a bit of mass when fabricating.
  3. Fixed ship sometimes not rendering.
  4. Fixed typo in dr. cubical hint.
  5. Fixed a bunch of other typos.
  6. Fixed module level/tier preview only visible in the stats tab and not in the info tab.
  7. Fixed rounding of gems rewarded from military prestige.
  8. Fixed hotkeys trigger module upgrade while renaming blueprint.
  9. Fixed esc closing the Workshop while the upgrade module dialog is still active.
  10. Fixed infinity perks not refreshing if their condition to use them becomes fullfilled.
  11. Fixed infinity stone unlock requirements not refreshing while the UI is active.
  12. Fixed enemy stats window closing again if the exit button is on the same position as the enemy.
  13. Fixed saplings not being countable or craftable by the facility AI.
  14. Fixed ’force good weather’ not choosing the ideal Shipyard temperature.
  15. Fixed town xp getting rounded too early.


  1. Added custom logging system.

Update #2

  1. Fixed items still showing in nexus inventory if quantity is 0.
  2. Fixed Shipyard tutorial overlay not scaling with resolution.