Update March 16, 2022

New Stuff

  1. Added worker task ’Darkness: Collect particles’.
  2. Added AI function ’String: To Lower’.
  3. Added AI function ’String: To Upper’.
  4. Added AI function ’Factory: Find Id’.
  5. Added AI function ’Software: Find Id’.
  6. Added AI function ’Highscore: Wave’.
  7. Added AI function ’Highscore: Era’.
  8. Added AI function ’Highscore: Infinity’.


  1. AI is now case-sensitive.
  2. Changed UI components of AI script editor to display string casing.
  3. Nature experiment now spawns floating texts on auto-harvesting.


  1. Fixed order of processing in light experiment.
  2. Fixed grid in universal experiment not refreshing after prestige or reset.
  3. Fixed gem experiment upgrade buttons not refreshing on reset.
  4. Fixed crash when switching experiment while universal experiment is active.
  5. Fixed values not refreshing properly after the first max. buy in electricity experiment.
  6. Fixed heat exceeding limit in fire experiment.
  7. Fixed air experiment not refreshing properly after prestige or reset.
  8. Fixed noise bar in darkness experiment being cut off with some resolutions.
  9. Fixed jumble visually scaling weirdly on some resolutions.