Update May 5, 2022

New Stuff

  1. Added Boss 5.
  2. Added closing credits.
  3. Added module cooldown factor to Town stats.
  4. Added era multipliers to unit window.
  5. Added Town skin ’Space’.
  6. Added buy max. function for Headquarters servers.
  7. Added missing descriptions for some achievements.
  8. Added military perk ’Eternity Anvil’.
  9. Added infinity stone extraction upgrade.
  10. Added infinity perk ’Anvil power’.
  11. Added software ’Infinity Horizon’.
  12. Added software ’Wave Restart’.
  13. Added module ’Deep Slumber’.
  14. Added module ’Omega Synergy’.
  15. Added module ’Generic Armor’.
  16. Added module ’Magical Stone Of Floof’.
  17. Added module ’Steini´s Chained Ball’.
  18. Added achievement ’Spectral Breaker’.
  19. Added achievement ’Final Attack’.
  20. Added achievement ’The Perfect Tower’.
  21. Added achievement ’Pure Heart’.
  22. Added achievement ’No Escape’.
  23. Added AI action ’Era: Upgrade divider’.
  24. Added AI action ’Era: Disable powers’.
  25. Added AI function ’Era: Disable cost’.
  26. Added AI function ’Game: XP’.

Infinity Changes

  1. Highscores above 200 infinity will be scaled down on first load.
  2. Modules ’Infinity Foundation’ and ’Infinity Attack’ are automatically unlocked for people who reached infinity before the update.
  3. Enemies can mimic modules.
  4. Added enemy infinity stats (shield, energy, energy regeneration, cooldown reduction, debuff duration reduction).
  5. Added currency ’Module Fragments’.
  6. Added infinity analysis to Workshop.
  7. Added Anvil to Workshop.
  8. Changed how Forge works.
  9. Infinity modules can now be downgraded.
  10. Higher difficulty highscores are more effective at charging infinity stones.
  11. Changed light infinity stone unlock condition from 500 to 1e8 coins.

Module Changes

  1. Most modules were technically changed, but still have the same effect.
  2. Multiple modules were changed so that they can affect the Tower if used by enemies.
  3. Modules that spawn entities now have an upper limit when used by enemies.
  4. Changed ’Focused Multishot’ (maximum radius from 10m to 8m).
  5. Changed ’Titanium Hull’ (multiplies armor rather than adding to it, duration 60s -> 20s).
  6. Changed ’Infinity Attack’.
  7. Changed ’Infinity Crit’.
  8. Changed ’infinity burst’.
  9. Changed effect of Synergy modules.
  10. Changed ’Infinity Splash’ (damage from 30% to 10%, reduced chance from 20% to 10%).
  11. Changed ’Infinity Reflect’.
  12. Changed ’Power Conversion’ (1% -> 0.8%).
  13. Changed ’Serious Missile’ (if enemy has shield => remove shield first).
  14. Buffed ’Quantum Fading’ (2s -> 4s).
  15. Buffed ’Condense’ (25% -> 100%).
  16. Nerfed ’Serious Missile’ (5% -> 3%).
  17. Nerfed ’Super Tower 2’ (attack speed +300% -> +100%).
  18. Nerfed ’Strike Back’ duration.
  19. Nerfed ’Temporal Barrier’ (duration 30s -> 27s, max damage capped at 2% instead of 1%, counts shield in max hp).
  20. Reduced ’Rak´s Curse’ cooldown to 5 sec.

Software Changes

  1. Increased ’Wave Surge’ acceleration from 5 to 7.5.
  2. Increased ’Wave Vortex’ acceleration from x5 to x7.5.
  3. ’Wave Cataclysm’ now stops at 1B acceleration.
  4. ’Wave Restart’ now sets your acceleration to 1B if ’Wave Cataclysm’ is active.
  5. ’Wave Catalyst’ now triggers for ’New Bounds’ and ’No Bounds’ as well.


  1. Performance improvements.
  2. Beacons are now visually represented within the Town.
  3. Town skins now affect weather colors.
  4. Increased Town max zoom out distance.
  5. Neutral defensive era ability now counts towards %-resistance attribute.
  6. Toggle options in the option menu now properly refresh when they are change from elsewhere.
  7. Reworked unit window (Tower Testing).
  8. Right hand side of the result screen is now clickable to show which unit destroyed the Tower.


  1. Fixed being able to exit the lab with esc while prestige dialog was open.
  2. Fixed Laboratory auto-replanting after harvesting a plant without auto-harvest active.
  3. Fixed overlapping text in Headquarters.
  4. Fixed buff instances having invalid references.
  5. Fixed darkness experiment particle having the wrong size on first load.
  6. Fixed Construction Firm construction time precision.
  7. Fixed resource displays not updating when changing notation.
  8. Fixed text in Workshop tutorial.
  9. Fixed infinity penalty for regular damage.
  10. Fixed disabled era elements not refreshing sometimes.
  11. Fixed era divider not refreshing sometimes.
  12. Fixed compare floats in modules.
  13. Fixed NaN bug of module ’Shelter’.
  14. Fixed NaN not being sanitized at the end of module processing.
  15. Fixed blueprints being able to exceed the Workshop limit.

Update #2

  1. Fixed module ’phasing’ description.
  2. Fixed typo in Boss 5 fight.
  3. Fixed Boss 5 card in Arcade not being unlockable.
  4. Reduced light infinity stone requirement to 1e4.