Update March 5, 2021

New Stuff

  1. Added AI learning feature (WIP).
  2. Added tooltip to pause button.
  3. Added tooltips for buildings in the Construction Firm.
  4. Added tooltip to in-game exit button.
  5. Added tooltip to tower testing timers.
  6. Added next/previous buttons to boss selection.
  7. Added option to toggle tooltips on/off.
  8. Added option for double vsync.
  9. Added AI impulses for ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ keys.
  10. Added AI function (’Slider’).
  11. Added AI function (’Scrollrect’).
  12. Added AI function (’Get Module Cooldown’).


  1. Refactored options menu.
  2. Refactored tower testing exit dialog.
  3. Moved exit button of buildings to the top right.
  4. Options menu is now procedural generated which makes it easier to add new options.
  5. Adjusted a few default option values.
  6. Adjusted value ranges and dropdown settings of a few option entries.
  7. Resolution settings are now global and save game independent.
  8. Audio settings are now global and save game independent.
  9. Changed datatype of drill fuel from float to double to prevent precision issues.
  10. Changed pause button icon when game is paused.
  11. Selected region, game mode and difficulty are now being saved.
  12. Selected game mode and difficulty stay the same if unlocked when switching region.
  13. Selected difficulty stays the same if unlocked when switching game mode.
  14. Boss upgrades of higher tiers are now locked instead of "see-through" until lower tier upgrades have been purchased.


  1. Fixed resource displays sometimes not updating when notation has been changed.
  2. Fixed being able to pin locked recipes inside the Factory.
  3. Fixed pinned ore lumps not being saved after chemical lumps has been unlocked.
  4. Fixed tooltips for disabled buttons in Factory.
  5. Fixed tooltips not refreshing when inserting an item in a recipe item preview slot in Factory.
  6. Fixed UV artifacts (weird lines) for Factory items on certain resolutions by adding a 1px gap between items.
  7. Fixed AI not searching through crafting grid when looking for machine input.
  8. Fixed idle statistics not updating when round auto-restarts.
  9. Fixed infinity hp/dmg multipliers not being factored in in the enemy stats display.
  10. Fixed new bounds and no bounds description.
  11. Fixed some typos.