Update April 7, 2021

  1. UI: Fixed a bug where players could no longer interact with the main menu.
  2. UI: Fixed a crash when checking the Tooltip of Steady Arm (Chinese).
  3. UI: (Not Sure) Fixed an issue that prevented the game from properly closing.
  4. Grappling Hook: Fixed a Crash with Determination.
  5. Mage: Fixed a crash when taking damage :o.
  6. Ray of Obliteration: Fixed a crash when using it for too long :).
  7. Chrono-Puncture: Fixed a crash when triggering Puncturing Nightmare.
  8. Book Smash: Fixed a crash when leaving a room with Book Smash in the air.
  9. Legendary: Primordial Crusade: Fixed a crash when triggering the Effect.
  10. Reaper of Vindictive Slam: Fixed a crash when the effect triggered on a dead enemy.
  11. Mission 10: Fixed a bug where you could loot the keys multiple times.
  12. Mission 12/13: Fixed a Crash when switching classes after leaving the mission.
  13. Mission 12/13: Fixed a bug where you could get back to Main Menu and still play the class to unlock.
  14. Expeditions: Fixed a crash when trying to get back to the village from expedition.
  15. Fixed a Soft Lock when using Time Warp + Change of Heart.