Update April 8, 2021

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed a crash when Reinforcing an Item above +15.
  2. Fixed a crash when dropping back an Item from Reinforcement.
  3. Fixed a crash that could occur when casting any sort of skill during a transition.
  4. Fixed a bug sometimes preventing players from equipping gear because of an unsufficiant level.
  5. Fixed a crash when tooltiping a Movement skill with Swift Wings of Hermesal equipped.
  6. Fixed a crash when the number of victims in a single floor was too great.
  7. Fixed a rare crash when moving through a portal with Click to Move.
  8. Fixed a crash with the Ancestral Legacy Reaper during a transition.
  9. Fixed a crash that occured when leaving mission 12 or 13 to main menu.
  10. Fixed a crash when merging slormites or salvaging at the Blacksmith.
  11. Fixed a Freeze when Tumbling next to a wall with the upgrade "Booby Trap".
  12. Fixed a Freeze when using Smoke Screen next to a wall with the upgrade "Double Smoggy Traps".
  14. Fixed an issue making the Mage invisible after a Time Warp.
  15. Fixed an issue where enemies could be Knocked back outside of their Room.
  16. Elder Lances should no longer trigger forks.
  17. Reaper of the Manabender no longer triggers an Explosion tied to its Primordial Form.


  1. Additional Projectile Multiplier on Gear has been reduced by 60%.
  2. Primordial Reaper of the Sharpshooter: Additional Projectile Multiplier reduced from 100% to 50%.
  3. Not So Lost no longer deals damage to enemies affected by Lost In Time.