Update April 9, 2021

Bugs Fixed

  1. Fixed a crash when hovering the Legendary Item: Swift Wings of Hermesal in Chinese.
  2. Fixed a random crash when using Reaper of the Chrysalis/Reaper of the Sleepy Butterfly.
  3. Fixed a random crash with Corrupted Pudding targetting you.
  4. Fixed a crash when looting too much gold with Aurifurious or Goldscourge.
  5. Fixed a crash with Grappling Hook’s Boulder Rain.
  6. Fixed a crash with Astral Retribution.
  7. Fixed a crash when using Wall of Omens on a Temporal Clone.
  8. Fixed a random crash occuring while using Immortal Arrow.
  9. Fixed a bug where the Max Craftable value was incorrectly displayed at Friedrich.
  10. Fixed a bug where the Main Menu would disappear when using a Controller.
  11. Goldus at the end of Expeditions has been regrouped so it does reduce your FPS to 3 (or less!).
  12. Skills should now cost the appropriate amount of Mana.
  13. Selling Stacks of Items should now display the correct amount of Goldus.
  14. Various indirect damages such as Poison & Thorns should now properly crit.
  15. You can now longer get stuck outside a room with Tumble after opening a Breach.
  16. You can no longer get stuck outside a romm using Arcane Gates to teleport.
  17. Huntress’ Trap Knockback no longer pushes enemies outside the room after opening a Breach.
  18. Chrono-Manipulation now returns the correct amount of Mana.
  19. UI: The Mechanic of the Huntress is no longer offseted on various resolutions.
  20. UI: Maximum Warp should now properly display the mechanic.
  21. UI: Highlighting All-Resist no longer highlight Light Resistance.
  22. "Idle" Buffs such as Steady Feet now properly disappear when using Click To Move.
  23. Mana Leech now properly works.
  24. You can now bind the F2 key!
  25. Improved Performance when using Aurifurious, Goldscourge & Slormbane.
  26. Regular Windowed mode is back.


  1. Additional Projectile Percent Reduced by 60% on Gear.
  2. Slormbane now deal Additional Damage based on Slorm found in the past 20 seconds.
  3. Reaper of the Manabender Raw Damage’s Synergy is now based on 1% (per Reaper Level) of your Mana Regenaration instead of 10%.
  4. The Effect of Upgrades on Equipment has been decreased by 25%.
  5. Chrono-Puncture’s Remnant Damage is now 5000% instead of 10.000%.
  6. Deflect’s Cooldown has been increased from 10 to 13 seconds.
  7. Deflection now reduces the Cooldown of Deflect by 3% (at max Rank) instead of 5% per hit.