Update April 12, 2021

Bugs & Crashes


  1. Fixed 2 crashes occuring with Astral Retribution.
  2. Fixed a crash when receiving too much damage, also causing FPS drops.


  1. Fixed a bug where some Legendary items would show a £ instead of their actual stat.
  2. Fixed a bug where you could not purchase Skills with Slorm if you had the exact number of Slorm required.
  3. You should no longer be stuck by environment when trying to reach Bryan’s Portal.
  4. Slormites Found are now properly shown at the end of an Expedition.
  5. Fragments now display the proper icon on the Minimap.
  6. Debuffs on enemies should no longer be cut on high resolution screens (untested, let me know).
  7. Upgrades and Passives should no longer be active if you no longer have the requirement due to unequiping gear.
  8. Thorns should now properly hit all enemies even when multiple enemies are all hitting at once.
  9. You can no longer unlock Adam Nostrus’ Primordial Reaper by reaching level 100 with any Primordial Reaper.
  10. Synergies can no longer be infinitely stacked between each other.


  1. Your Character should no longer keep moving when Click to Move is enabled.
  2. Menus should now be accessible on any sort of screen resolution.

The Mighty Knight

  1. Whirlwind now triggers Astral Retribution and Astral Meteor from Elder Retribution.

The Mischievous Mage

  1. Arcane Breach’s Violent Contact now properly deals Increased Damage to every enemy hit.
  2. Arcane Breach’s Evergrowing Portal can no longer occur more than 10 times (Individually).
  3. Polyvalent Caster should now properly work.
  4. Diversify should now properly work (and stop giving you tons of projectiles).

The Fierce Huntress

  1. Wandering Arrow should no longer prevent you from losing Bryan’s Circle of Protection.
  2. You can no longer be unkillable while using Life Regeneration and Totems of Renewal.
  3. Void Arrow’s charge now properly ends when being stunned.
  4. Endless Quiver should now properly work on Void Arrow.
  5. Endless Quiver should no longer increase Rain of Arrow’s Mana cost.
  6. UI: The Delighted Mechanic should no longer be offseted.


  1. Primordial Vindictive Slam’s Holy Ground no longer benefit from Vindictive Slam’s Increased Area Size.
  2. Goldscourge should now properly count and add Goldus.
  3. Reaper of the Sleepy-Butterfly should now display correct informations in the tooltip.
  4. The Primal Ancient Ancestral Legacy’s Elemental Fervor should no longer stack.


  1. Bravery Rank 30: should no longer work when equipping/unequipping gear.


  1. Typos... Typos everywhere!
  2. A bunch of other bugs should be fixed based on some general changes made to the game.
  3. I also probably broke a few things.

Quality of Life Changes

  1. You can now active Area of Effect & Totems Rapidcast (and no longer have the option to Aim - toggled off by default).
  2. You now have an option to auto-pick up Crafting Materials (toggled off by default).
  3. (Also added an animation when you pick up Equipment or Materials).
  4. You can now see the Level of your Item on your Item!
  5. If you’re at max level, the XP of your Reaper is displayed at the bottom of your screen.
  6. You can no longer right-click to Salvage an Item (will result in less accidental salvages).
  7. You can now right click on an Item at Friedrich’s or Rick’s menu to equip it back to its slot.
  8. Equipment is now automatically reequipped (or put back to your inventory) upon leaving Rick or Friedrich’s Menu.
  9. You can now UNLOCK stats you’ve previously locked to your equipment, at Friedrich’s.