Update April 16, 2021


  1. Fixed a crash occuring when a Boulder would fall while dying.
  2. Fixed a crash occuring when casting Ray of Obliteration for too long.
  3. Fixed a crash when looking at Ancestral Skills with Swift Wings of Hermesal Equipped.
  4. Fixed a crash when closing the Blacksmith with an item being crafted.
  5. Fixed a crash when throwing an item away at the Blacksmith.


  1. Drastically Improved FPS on Orb of the Temporal Master.
  2. Drastically Improved FPS on Floating Damage Numbers / XP Numbers / Gold Numbers.
  3. I used the word Drastically twice, so it has to be better.
  4. > Much more to come later on.

Out of Memory Issues

  1. Fixed Memory Leaks here and there that should greatly reduce the number of "Out of Memory" crashes.
  2. The game should no longer slow down during extended periods of gametime (or at least much less).


  1. Dexterity: Rank 60 should now properly work.


  1. Sharpened Blades now create Ravenous Daggers when hitting a wall.
  2. Ravenous Daggers coming back at you also trigger Ravenous Swirl.
  3. You should no longer get stuck in environment while using Tumble.


  1. Clones casting Orb of the Arcane Master will now be casted at the correct place when using a controller.
  2. When using Rapidcast, you can no longer cast Ray of Obliteration while casting the clone (same for Arcane Barrier).
  3. Arcane Clones should now keep casting when their target is out of screen range.
  4. Arcane Clones should now properly attack when close to walls.
  5. Wall of Omen should now stop expanding indefinitely.


  1. "Shadow Repercussion" now starts its Cooldown once its effect is over.
  2. Rebound no longer resets the duration of the Projectile after the first Rebound.
  3. Some Auras, such as "Air Conditioner" are now capped to no longer benefit more than 100% Aura/Area Increased Effect (Air Conditioner being the only one right now).


  1. You can now take a screenshot via Steam.
  2. You can move up and down Friedrich’s store with Mouse-Wheel.