Update April 23, 2021


  1. Fixed a crash when dying while using Book Smash.


  1. Projectiles should no longer pass through Wall when FPS gets low or when their speed is too damn high!
  2. Elite Damage Reduction wasn’t actually working at all (it does now).
  3. Enemies with a Movement Speed reduced by 100% or more should not moonwalk out of the fight anymore.
  4. You should no longer be perma-stun when your Tenacity is above 100%.
  5. Elite Fallen Knights should no longer be knockbacked toward you.
  6. Skeleton Wizards should no longer teleport out of their Breach area.
  7. Mastery Notifications should no longer take your Mastery Modifiers from gear into account.
  8. Combo & DPS Counter should now pause when a menu is open.
  9. In the Expedition Result screen, Total Damage should now be displayed properly, even if it’s above GAZILLIONS DAMAGE.
  10. If your Inventory is full while picking an item from a Random Pack, it will be dropped on the ground instead of being destroyed.
  11. Same if you buy it from the Sales Tab.
  12. Small QoL: Items with Highlighted Stats will also be highlighted in your Inventory.
  13. Small QoL: Potential Progress is now displayed with decimals.


  1. Willpower: Rank 30 should now add the correct Elemental Damage (based on Points AND Gear).
  2. Determination: Rank 15 - same as above - Points AND Gear should be taken into account.
  3. Fury: Rank 45 should now properly increase Attack Speed even if the CD has started.
  4. Bravery: Rank 15 should now properly trigger when picking up Materials and Slormites.


  1. Deflect should no longer work on Area of Effect Damages.
  2. Deflect’s Safety Bubble should now properly work.
  3. Deflect’s Avenging Wrath should now only work when Fortunate or Perfect.
  4. Living Blood should now properly move to the closest enemy.
  5. Grapplink Hook’s Commandeer should now properly work all the time.
  6. Grappling Hook’s Commandeer should now properly give Attack Speed to minions under your command.
  7. Bleeding Overdrive’s Trail FX should be of the correct color.
  8. Mastering Retaliation should now work properly.
  9. Luck should no longer go above 100.
  10. Changing floor with 100 Luck should now properly trigger Perfect Cast effects on your next cast.


  1. Volatile Hurricane should now properly spread.
  2. When near a top Wall, Arrows should no longer move through the wall.
  3. Evolving Wilds should now properly move to the closest enemy.
  4. Legacy of Pain from Turret Syndrom should now properly work.
  5. Heavy Explosive Projectile’s Auto-Aim System should now properly aim toward target area.
  6. Smoke Screen: The game should no longer think you closed a Breach when losing aggro while going Invisible.
  7. Hunting Net should now pull enemies to the center before doing damage.
  8. Immortal Arrow’s Instructions Points should now properly disappear all the time.


  1. Wall of Omen should stop indefinitely expand on rare occasions anymore (or maybe it won’t. This one’s a rebel.).
  2. Lost-in-Time should now properly end even if enemies are out of sight (also true for other DoTs).
  3. Time Warp should no longer teleport outside the map on rare occasions.
  4. Arcane Sovereign should now properly Fork or split upon hitting Wall of Omen’s Temporal Split.
  5. Book Smash’s Remnants no longer display Heavy Encyclopedia’s AoE.
  6. Ray of Obliteration should now properly stop when you change its upgrades while casting it.
  7. Ray of Obliteration’s Armor of Obliteration now properly adds Elemental Resistance.
  8. Ray of Obliteration’s Armor of Obliteration now also works when Arcane Clones are casting Ray.
  9. Against The Necromancer, Remnants should no longer show Damage Numbers when he is shielded and invulnerable.
  10. Arcane Breach’s Gravitational Force should now only attract enemies within the range of the Breach.
  11. Attunement Pulse’s Relay Point should now work properly on Arcane Breaches.
  12. Two AoEs dealing their damage at the same time such as Temporal Friction triggered by Rift Nova or 2 Arcane Breaches in the same area, should now both properly deal their damage.
  13. Remnants of Orb of the Arcane Master should no longer trigger Temporal Friction.
  14. School Orbs rotating around the Mage should no longer disappear after Time Warp.


  1. Burning Trail should no longer slow your FPS down.


  1. Aegis Justice now only triggers when Crest Shield is equipped.
  2. Aegis Justice is now fired in the right direction.
  3. Sahrusiel’s Pact (when used with Reaper of Primordial Affinity) should now properly deal its damage over time and not Afflict you.
  4. Inextricable Waistguard now benefits from AoE Increased Effect.
  5. Inextricable Waistguard can no longer benefit from more than 100% Aura & AoE Increased Effect.


  1. Primordial Reaper of Ferocious Affinity now properly adds 20% Max Mana to Elemental Damage (instead of 100%).
  2. Idle-based Reapers should now properly add or remove their effect when using Click to Move.
  3. Primordial Kah Veer can now trigger Thunderstruck with any kind of Critical Strike (except from Thunderstruck).
  4. Primordial Reaper of the Nimble Warrior is no longer removed when received 0 or less Damage.
  5. Primordial Reaper of the Nimble Warrior’s Critical Strike Chance is now correctly multiplied with Nimble Champion Stacks.
  6. Thornbite Reaper should now properly add its Thorns Multiplier when Idle.
  7. If you unlocked Adam Nostrus’ Primordial Bow by reaching level 100 with a Primordial Reaper in an older patch, you should now be able to evolve it.


  1. UI no longer says "+- XXX" Goldus when purchasing an item.
  2. Skills in your Action bar should no longer be erased upon loading.
  3. You can now properly select Reapers with a Controller.


  1. Improved Performances for a couple of upgrades in the Bravery Trait (Rank 15 & 30).
  2. Minor Improvements made to performance (might be a 10-15% FPS Improvement. But hey, that’s a start).