Update May 29, 2020


  1. GOG Install should work again. Make sure terraria v1.4.0.4 installed.
  2. You can install TML into the GOG dir if you want, make sure a v1.4.0.4 Terraria.exe is present.
  3. If you patched your Terraria.exe, make a copy of the original exe and name it Terraria_1.4.0.4.exe.


  1. Fix a RandomUpdate issue (Surface updates).
  2. Fix LogArchiver.DeleteOldArchives() not working with "Old" log archive subdir.
  3. Fix ’File already exists’ in LogArchiver.MoveOldLogs().
  4. Fix mods failing to compile for unresolved FNA during pdb generation.
  5. Fix includePDB in build.txt only looking for PDB files, not MDB files.
  6. Fix MdbManager.TryResolveLocation sometimes NullReferenceExceptions, causing Exception ToString()’ing to blow up (cf. HookGetStackTrace).
  7. Fix shoes not drawing.
  8. Fix upgrading .csproj going back to top of list (Game now remembers scrollbar position).


  1. Refactor InstallVerifier.
  2. Extra tips for error messages.
  3. ExampleLaserWeapon updates.
  4. PaintID.
  5. Example Last Prism.
  6. Made ExampleExplosive count towards Demolitionist Spawn/ItemID.Sets.ItemsThatCountAsBombsForDemolitionistToSpawn.
  7. Added a menu for world gen crashes.
  8. UIModConfig update.
  9. Added a log message for steam cloud quota.
  10. Memory estimates for mods now show by default.