Update July 17, 2020

  1. Improved various error messages.
  2. [Modding] Improved style sheet moddability: reload with <Alt Gr> + <R>.
  3. [Modding] Improved street type moddability: added user-definable maximum slope.
  4. [Modding] Improved scripting interface: improved types necessary for using api.type.LineVehicleInfo.
  5. [Modding] Improved vehicle transformation moddability: added "upright" flag (example[www.transportfever2.com]).
  6. [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added api.type.LineVehicleInfo.
  7. [Modding] Improved scripting interface: added idAdded callback in guiHandleEvent function.
  8. [Modding] Improved scripting interface: improved api.gui.comp.List interface.
  9. [Modding] Improved scripting interface: improved api.type.JournalEntry.
  10. Fixed crash during loading with missing vehicles in multiple unit configurations.
  11. Fixed rare crash with ship lines.
  12. Fixed rare crash with selection tooltip.
  13. Fixed rare crash when activating land use layer in combination with certain mods.
  14. Fixed issue with some sound sources not audible.
  15. Fixed bridge construction preview.
  16. Fixed bridge end lanes.
  17. Fixed invalid texture format error message.
  18. Fixed construction parameters paramX and paramY being lost when upgrading a construction.
  19. [Modding] Fixed crash with progress bar update when used under certain situations.