Update June 22, 2020

  1. Added suspension bridge type.
  2. Added mod info to load game dialog.
  3. Added in-game language selection.
  4. Added difficulty selection to load game dialog.
  5. Added save game progress bar when saving manually.
  6. Added vehicle lifetime warning behavior to settings.
  7. [Modding] Added reworked scripting interface.
  8. [Modding] Added new gui interface.
  9. [Modding] Added in-game console for Lua scripting: press "`" to open (keyboard top left corner key).
  10. [Modding] Added vehicle custom cargo models: example[www.transportfever2.com].
  11. [Modding] Added support for dynamic game resources.
  12. [Modding] Added per savegame mod settings: example[www.transportfever2.com].
  13. [Modding] Added possibility to mod localizations into new languages.
  14. [Modding] Added new stage for mod loading (see postRunFn in base_mod.lua).
  15. [Modding] Added feature to add/remove other modules when a module is built.
  16. [Modding] Added user-definable maximum slope and minimum radius to track type.
  17. [Modding] Added customizable factors for train acceleration/deceleration.
  18. [Modding] Added factors to control calculated costs and maintenance.
  19. [Modding] Added user-definable probability of recomputation of person destinations (experimental).
  20. [Model editor] Added mesh highlighting feature.
  21. [Model editor] Added label preview feature.
  22. [Model editor] Added markers for seats, cargo bays, particle systems, labels, ship water lines and cargo slots.
  23. [Model editor] Added light rotation feature.
  24. [Model editor] Added import support for bounding info and labels.
  25. [Model editor] Added transform editing.
  26. [Model editor] Added marker for current file in open dialog and show in window title.
  27. [Model editor] Added slider for vehicle age.
  28. [Model editor] Added triangle count label.
  29. Improved simulation performance.
  30. Improved game speed throttling to prevent excessive stuttering.
  31. Improved error handling: show a message box for all types of crashes.
  32. Improved error handling: generally display as much information as possible.
  33. Improved error handling: display mod and file name when possible.
  34. Improved keyboard shortcuts: now possible to use Shift/Ctrl/Alt.
  35. Improved keyboard shortcuts: show key bindings in tool tips.
  36. Improved keyboard shortcuts: added more commands (construction menu).
  37. Improved settings menu: show warning in case of duplicate key bindings.
  38. Improved settings menu: added button pointing to "userdata" folder.
  39. Improved vehicle store: show whether reversible or not.
  40. Improved airport: landing lights module now automatically removes opposite lights.
  41. Improved vehicle replace and edit window: handling of selection change.
  42. Improved railway crossing barriers animation: open earlier.
  43. Improved quality of French, Spanish and Polish translation.
  44. [Modding] Improved modular rail station: support for modded tracks.
  45. [Modding] Improved error handling: show complete file name on error.
  46. [Modding] Improved error handling while building a construction (don’t crash).
  47. [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: generally better error message.
  48. [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: for constructions and modules.
  49. [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: for removed ground textures.
  50. [Modding] Improved missing resource handling: check for corrupted meshes.
  51. [Modding] Improved module construction menu when having a lot of categories.
  52. [Modding] Improved railroad crossing list scrollbar.
  53. [Model editor] Improved error handling.
  54. [Model editor] Improved metadata editor stability.
  55. [Model editor] Improved windows usability.
  56. [Model editor] Improved initial values of materials.
  57. [Model editor] (Re-)Added gui/website screenshot buttons.
  58. Fixed tree highlighting in module mode.
  59. Fixed asset builder rotation not reset.
  60. Fixed airport landing lights hover selection.
  61. Fixed rare crash with charts.
  62. Fixed keyboard shortcut for street modifier.
  63. Fixed cargo train station and cargo harbor sound sets.
  64. Fixed random crash in module mode.
  65. Fixed random crash caused by pathfinder.
  66. Fixed crash with bulldozer refund when building streets.
  67. Fixed crash with missing station or depot name.
  68. Fixed rare crash in main menu when adding or removing mods.
  69. Fixed rare crash with disappearing construction in module build mode.
  70. Fixed train axles and rods not animated anymore after some distance.
  71. Fixed industry displays transported -100% value bug.
  72. Fixed shipping value could exceed production limit bug.
  73. Fixed straight and curved buttons showing up in track menu bug.
  74. Fixed module builder tree highlighting artifacts.
  75. Fixed vehicle store window layout problems such as label centering.
  76. Fixed a bug which caused the names of industries to be reset after upgrade.
  77. Fixed vehicles driving with open doors bug.
  78. Fixed a bug where vehicles leave stations too early without picking up all cargo.
  79. Fixed aircraft jumping on airports which are built below zero altitude.
  80. Fixed water texture not being placed at the correct height when level was changed.
  81. Fixed rendering timers bug resulting in incorrect values for average timings.
  82. Fixed street build mode invalidate when clicking parameter list.
  83. Fixed module builder mode shows line and vehicle statistics buttons.
  84. Fixed burnt pixels problem on certain AMD Radeon cards (e.g. RX 5700).
  85. Fixed reversible configuration of multiple trains.
  86. Fixed Dunara Castle ship having two drivers.
  87. Fixed ES1 Lastochka tail lights.
  88. Fixed Zuhai GTQ diesel sound.
  89. Fixed Bombardier DHC-8-402PF animation details.
  90. [Modding] Fixed asset categories case-sensitivity issue.
  91. [Modding] Fixed crash with compartments without load configurations.
  92. [Modding] Fixed vehicle label not being shown when vehicle had no seats bug.
  93. [Model editor] Fixed tangents/normals display for skinned materials.
  94. [Model editor] Fixed fbx importer (wrong tangents for skinned materials).
  95. [Model editor] Fixed track ballast material.
  96. [Model editor] Fixed crash when opening model with no bounding info.
  97. [Model editor] Fixed animation loop button when closing file.
  98. [Model editor] Fixed screenshot feature: reactivated 3D screenshots.
  99. [Model editor] Fixed metadata merging: particle system overwritten.
  100. [Model editor] Fixed crew appearing as passengers.
  101. [Model editor] Fixed refresh issues with passengers and cargo preview.

Update #2

  1. [Campaign] Fixed mission 2 signals not detected bug.

Update #3

  1. [Campaign] Fixed mission 9 crash when configuring pre-built stations.

Update #4

  1. Fixed module mode bulldozer crash.