Update February 23, 2021

  1. Added operating system support (MacOS).
  2. Added Vulkan graphics API support.
  3. Added option to switch between OpenGL and Vulkan (Windows/Linux).
  4. Added fallback switch to OpenGL if Vulkan extension is missing in graphics card driver.
  5. Added cable-stayed bridge type.
  6. Added option to toggle vsync in graphics settings.
  7. Added option to adjust keyboard camera control speed.
  8. Modding Added parallel support for new shaders provided in res/shaders2 and legacy shaders in res/shaders for older game versions.
  9. Improved rendering performance in general.
  10. Improved rendering performance for UI and animated or skinned models.
  11. Improved CPU rendering performance on Vulkan and OpenGL.
  12. Improved memory management for terrain textures.
  13. Improved tga compression performance and stability.
  14. Improved error messages when texture loading fails.
  15. Improved error messages when terrain textures are faulty.
  16. Improved UI cargo options for unload only stations: Disabled load options.
  17. Improved iron, cement and stone bridges using skinned materials to remove gaps.
  18. Improved handling of strings exceeding name fields.
  19. Improved mouse pointer position on fullscreen startup.
  20. Improved screen resolution selection: Added 5120×1440 fullscreen resolution option to support ultrawide curved monitors.
  21. Improved key binding options: Allow binding of Cmd/Win keys like Ctrl, Shift and Alt.
  22. Improved key binding options: Do not allow binding of already hardcoded bind arrow keys.
  23. Improved key binding in cockpit camera.
  24. Improved zoom smoothness with keyboard.
  25. Improved speeds for camera control with keyboard.
  26. Improved render and simulation timing debug information layout.
  27. Improved debug functionality: Added settings.lua property "graphicalDeviceOverride" to manually force graphic card selection.
  28. Modding Improved scripting interface: Added missing street type properties to api.type.StreetType.
  29. Modding Improved scripting interface: Added missing track type properties to api.type.TrackType.
  30. Modding Improved scripting interface: Added terminal type properties to api.type.Terminal.
  31. Fixed multiple crashes caused by invalid construction scripts from mods.
  32. Fixed multiple issues (crashes and rendering glitches) when username or path contain multibyte UTF-8 characters.
  33. Fixed crash related to stylesheets and in-game console on return to main menu.
  34. Fixed crash of stock list update helper when cargo rule changes.
  35. Fixed crashes caused by invalid indices of dropdown construction parameters.
  36. Fixed game stops responding when exiting game and shader_cache is corrupted.
  37. Fixed workshop mod textures cached in wrong directory.
  38. Fixed rendering of skybox in entity windows, e.g. vehicle windows.
  39. Fixed rendering of reflection in screenshots.
  40. Fixed rendering of catchment areas for certain modded stations.
  41. Fixed camera control keys not working anymore when using menus.
  42. Fixed camera control keys not working anymore when popups appear.
  43. Fixed camera control keys not working anymore when Alt key is pressed.
  44. Fixed continuous camera movement when pause menu is opened with Win/Cmd+Q or Win/Cmd+W.
  45. Fixed cockpit camera control keys not working anymore when pause menu is opened.
  46. Fixed terrain tool shortcut handling.
  47. Fixed creation of slow train track segments.
  48. Fixed slow down of trains caused by incorrect train segment reservation.
  49. Fixed streets with upright trash cans and fireplugs.
  50. Fixed use of suspension and cable-stayed bridges in map generation.
  51. Fixed unloading/loading of cargo on same line to destination.
  52. Fixed allocation of cargo to lines in some rare cases.
  53. Fixed "Modify for" price handling.
  54. Fixed line numbers displayed twice.
  55. Fixed window resizing: Prevent windows from being shrunk away.
  56. Fixed terminal column width in station window.
  57. Fixed too long line and station names breaking table layouts in line manager.
  58. Fixed multiple UI issues related to interface scaling.
  59. Fixed missing UI elements with AMD Driver version 20.12.1.
  60. Fixed integer overflow in vehicle buy window.
  61. Fixed cursor positioning in in-game console after use of autocompletion.
  62. Fixed scroll positioning in text input fields.
  63. Fixed missing and faulty localization of certain strings.
  64. Fixed music volume spike at end of loading screen when starting a mission.
  65. Fixed value difference in headquarters statistics and status line.
  66. Fixed swapped values for real estate / vehicles in headquarters window.
  67. Fixed statistic logs and diagram calculations.
  68. Campaign Fixed campaign menu continue button.
  69. Campaign Fixed "Campaign Tycoon" achievement conditions.
  70. Campaign Fixed terrain alignment of log depot in mission 1.
  71. Campaign Fixed camera rotation detection in mission 1.
  72. Campaign Fixed rail buildings filter in mission 2.
  73. Campaign Fixed incorrect train station name in mission 10.
  74. Campaign Fixed missing localization of options in mission 11.
  75. Campaign Fixed bulldozing protection for Palma hotel in mission 12.
  76. Campaign Fixed location link and spelling mistake in mission 16.
  77. Modding Fixed memory leak when using api.gui.comp.List.
  78. Modding Fixed broken api.gui.util.downcast.
  79. Modding Fixed api.gui.comp.addStyleClass when inserting duplicate entries.
  80. Model Editor Fixed scroll positioning in text input fields.
  81. Model Editor Fixed rare crashes on fbx import related to texture desc.
  82. Model Editor Fixed crash when browsing in file menus (MacOS, Linux).
  83. Removed libstdc++ library from working directory: Added backup in ’redist\linux\extra’ (Linux).
  84. Removed in-game changing of multisampling graphics setting.

Update #2

  1. Improved fallback to OpenGL for GPUs which do not support Vulkan.
  2. Fixed launch directly from AppStore (MacOS).