Update July 8, 2021

  1. Added news notification on startup.
  2. Added borderless window mode.
  3. Added setting to separately adjust terrain textures quality from all other textures.
  4. Added setting to adjust quality of bloom effect.
  5. Added creation of local copy of the stdout.txt file when game is crashing.
  6. Added creation of emergency save game in certain situations when game is crashing.
  7. Added minimum and maximum waiting time to loading configuration per station.
  8. Added link from vehicle statistic field name to vehicle details.
  9. Added cargo supplier information to town info window.
  10. Added rail construction type and sub menu.
  11. Added town building construction cranes.
  12. Added particle emitters to vanilla road vehicles and planes.
  13. Added blinking lights to vanilla trams with blinkers.
  14. Modding Added support for particle emitters to tram, bus, trucks and planes.
  15. Modding Added metadata property ’trafficDelay’ for railroad crossings barrier timings.
  16. Modding Added metadata property ’departureDelay’ for animation-independent departure timings.
  17. Modding Added metadata property for road vehicle and tram blinking frequency.
  18. Modding Added metadata properties for tram blinking lights at intersections.
  19. Modding Added metadata properties for asset constructions snapping along tracks, roads and water surface.
  20. Modding Added metadata property ’aiLock’ to control whether a street can be changed by the simulation on town development.
  21. Modding Added metadata property ’crossingMaterial’ for railroad crossing track filler material.
  22. Modding Added support to configure single cable catenary.
  23. Modding Added support for categories, descriptions and custom icons for terrain materials.
  24. Modding Added support for categories for bridges, tunnels and railroad crossings.
  25. Model Editor Added rendering of colliders.
  26. Model Editor Added rendering of bogies and fake bogie positions.
  27. Model Editor Added rendering of lanes.
  28. Improved UI for road and rail menu.
  29. Improved UI for modular construction configuration menu.
  30. Improved road menu: added traffic light control tool to road menu.
  31. Improved road menu: added street ownership control tool.
  32. Improved road and rail menu: added signal and waypoint replacement function.
  33. Improved terrain menu: added categories and descriptions to terrain materials.
  34. Improved terrain menu: moved mixed brushes to front of menu.
  35. Improved terrain menu: show erasers independent of category selection.
  36. Improved menus: unify category icon sizes.
  37. Improved construction: revised bridge/tunnel/railroad crossing menus.
  38. Improved construction: assets snap along track/road edges in switches, railroad crossings and constructions.
  39. Improved construction: added key command to disable snapping with default C.
  40. Improved construction: better cursor and grab point positioning when building bridges over water.
  41. Improved vehicle store: added sorting options by vehicle characteristics.
  42. Improved vehicle store: added filter option by cargo type.
  43. Improved vehicle store: added filter option for steam multiple units.
  44. Improved vehicle store: adjusted wagon filter to also show unmotorized multiple units.
  45. Improved vehicle store: always display vehicle groups in main column.
  46. Improved vehicle store: better search function for umlauts, numbers and tokens.
  47. Improved vehicle store: buy all vehicles with double-click.
  48. Improved vehicle store: stable scroll position when adding/removing train vehicles.
  49. Improved vehicle store: move wagons and locomotives to front or end of train with Ctrl + click.
  50. Improved vehicle and line manager: better renaming of lines, vehicles and stations.
  51. Improved line manager: disable terminal selection for stops with only one terminal.
  52. Improved line manager: disable load options for truck unload stops.
  53. Improved line manager: better terminal assignment stability after adding new stop to line.
  54. Improved line manager: display of industry HUD icons when editing a line.
  55. Improved mouse navigation: added zoom out to cursor mode.
  56. Improved finances window: Use Shift + click to borrow or repay 10 times at once.
  57. Improved settings dialog: moved language selection on top.
  58. Improved settings dialog: added option to adjust texture qualities in-game.
  59. Improved in-game menu: load game dialog offers same options as in main menu.
  60. Improved in-game menu: added option to play game directly from map editor.
  61. Improved simulation: vehicles wait for doors to be closed.
  62. Improved simulation: road vehicles wait for barriers to open.
  63. Improved railroad crossing animations.
  64. Improved HUD: icons for traffic lights and player ownership to better reflect the current state.
  65. Improved HUD: added properties for custom HUD icon render distances in base_config.lua.
  66. Improved debug tools: regrouped tab content to fit window on smaller screens.
  67. Improved debug tools: added option to flip frame buffers vertically.
  68. Improved debug output: better error messages for various situations.
  69. Improved debug output: added names of mods in stdout.txt log files.
  70. Improved Vulkan related error messages.
  71. Improved town generation: added experimental setting to configure initial street angle.
  72. Improved camera tool: added output resolution 3840×2160.
  73. Improved camera tool: reduced shadow map framebuffer size.
  74. Improved save game handling: fallback for various missing ressources.
  75. Improved save game handling: display list of replaced missing models after loading.
  76. Improved simulation performance: better utilization of CPU cores.
  77. Improved rendering of bloom effect: less flickering artifacts.
  78. Improved loading time of mods in main menu.
  79. Improved vehicle positioning after bulldozing underlying tracks.
  80. Modding Improved modded icons scaling for more consistent ui layouts.
  81. Modding Improved error output related to illegal self destruction of ui components.
  82. Modding Improved model validation: Check for invalid fake bogies on game load.
  83. Modding Improved campaign modding: Support custom worldmaps, medal icons and voice overs in main menu.
  84. Modding Improved mod parameters: Support custom icons for icon buttons in mod parameters.
  85. Modding Improved scripting interface: added commands to control vehicle departure.
  86. Modding Improved scripting interface: added command to get list of vehicles in a specific state.
  87. Modding Improved scripting interface: added functions to retrieve game language and settings.
  88. Modding Improved scripting interface: resolved entity id’s returned in builder.apply events.
  89. Modding Improved scripting interface documentation.
  90. Fixed rare crash in main menu drop downs.
  91. Fixed rare crash during street modification when person or vehicle is in idle state.
  92. Fixed rare crash when pressing remove all button in line editor.
  93. Fixed crash on game load when subscribed workshop mod is missing on local computer.
  94. Fixed crash caused by multiple units with cargo wagons.
  95. Fixed crash when setting calendar speed to custom value by script command.
  96. Fixed crash when using scripting console in main menu (MacOS).
  97. Fixed crash loop when crashes occur before creation of setting.lua file.
  98. Fixed crash related to variant selection in vehicle store.
  99. Fixed crash when selling vehicles while replacing them.
  100. Fixed crash when replacing bus stop pair with a station group of 1 station with many terminals.
  101. Fixed delay when opening a vehicle overview on integrated graphics cards.
  102. Fixed delay when exiting the game directly to desktop.
  103. Fixed terrain render issues on integrated graphic cards (MacOS).
  104. Fixed shadow rendering near water surface.
  105. Fixed rare town charts display issues.
  106. Fixed animals grid collision views (MacOS).
  107. Fixed display of grid collision level bar in debug tools.
  108. Fixed flickering of buttons in vehicle overview on fast game speeds.
  109. Fixed display of multiple in-game popup messages.
  110. Fixed rendering of vehicles when they get replaced.
  111. Fixed display of HUD icons in front of camera when station is not in field of view.
  112. Fixed people crossing the street while the traffic light is red.
  113. Fixed station highlighted in red in modular construction builder.
  114. Fixed problems with large number of sound sources.
  115. Fixed audio settings pre listening of volume.
  116. Fixed settings menu: remove deprecated era dependent music option.
  117. Fixed voice over volume.
  118. Fixed generation of towns over already placed industries in map generator.
  119. Fixed use of rail only bridge types during map generation.
  120. Fixed placement of catenary masts in other tracks during track construction.
  121. Fixed building of vanilla intersection with 3 lanes in small and mid size.
  122. Fixed synchronization of difficult settings during game creation between two menus.
  123. Fixed load game options: reintroduced mod compatibility warnings.
  124. Fixed calculation of track cost when upgrading.
  125. Fixed station data mixup after placing stops nearby existing ones.
  126. Fixed positioning of search field in vehicle store.
  127. Fixed window size handling when applying graphic settings.
  128. Fixed fullscreen resolution handling by retain resolutions when returning from windowed mode with Alt + Enter.
  129. Campaign Fixed broken links several missions.
  130. Campaign Fixed wrong construction names in mission 13.
  131. Campaign Fixed misleading translation in mission 14.
  132. Modding Fixed localization issues after modifying tab widget.
  133. Modding Fixed corruption of emission layer for invalid vehicle configurations.
  134. Modding Fixed missing mod parameters in runFn function.
  135. Model Editor Fixed crash when adding first label.
  136. Model Editor Fixed crash when using label custom filters.
  137. Model Editor Fixed broken references to shared vanilla materials on fbx import.
  138. Model Editor Fixed handling of name string when saving model.
  139. Model Editor Fixed transparency issue for screenshot generation.
  140. Modding Deprecated metadata property ’upgrade’ for street type configuration.

Update #2

  1. Fixed default value for terrain texture quality.