Update December 19, 2019

  1. Fixed random crash caused by town development.
  2. Fixed rare crash related to line manager.
  3. Fixed rare crash when modifying airport landing lights.
  4. Fixed rare crash in map editor when generating heightmap/towns/industries/streets.
  5. Fixed rare crash when initializing new game.
  6. Fixed rare crash when building stations.
  7. Fixed rare crash related to vehicle manager.
  8. Fixed wrong catchment area display and preview in certain cases.
  9. Fixed vehicles stuck when there is only a very short segment after railroad crossing.
  10. Fixed invalid parcels / town buildings in rare cases.
  11. Fixed vehicle store not opening after depot electrification.
  12. Fixed small stuttering when hovering mouse over objects.
  13. Fixed guide system not reset when playing map.
  14. Fixed vehicle doors opening on wrong side.
  15. Fixed modern headquarters appearing too early.
  16. Fixed tram catenary poles on railroad crossing.
  17. Fixed railroad crossing animation details.
  18. Fixed street station details.
  19. Fixed add station mouse cursor bug.
  20. Fixed black streets/tracks rendering bug.
  21. Fixed module slots sometimes occluded by terrain.
  22. Fixed UI scaling issues in construction menus.
  23. Fixed preview images of autosaves not deleted.
  24. Fixed various texts and translations.
  25. Fixed compatibility problems with certain Linux distributions.
  26. Fixed generate streets didn’t show progress (map editor).
  27. Fixed actions not stopped when switching construction menu tab (map editor).
  28. Fixed crash if specified crew model not found (modding).
  29. Fixed crash when encountering compressed TGA files (modding).
  30. Fixed car models from mods not visible in game (modding).
  31. Fixed several minor details in missions 1/5/11/16/18 (campaign).
  32. Improved in-game settings (show all options).
  33. Improved missing resources handling (e.g. skip models with missing meshes).
  34. Improved railroad crossing with sound effect.
  35. Improved airport details (terminal numbers, lights).
  36. Added train editing feature.
  37. Added cargo load ratio feature.
  38. Added Set line - New line feature.