Update May 10, 2022

  1. Added advanced game settings to customize difficulty and game mechanics.
  2. Added dynamic closure of unused industries over time.
  3. Added dynamic spawning of industries over time.
  4. Added optional additional cargo demands to growing towns.
  5. Added additional shared capacity for stations in building extensions.
  6. Added side buildings for street stations.
  7. Added alternative terminals assignment in line manager.
  8. Added lane selection to waypoints for road vehicles.
  9. Added buoys as waypoints for ships.
  10. Added horn trigger in cockpit view.
  11. Added new horn sounds for coaches and planes.
  12. Added load speed penalty for trains with overlength.
  13. Added option to save and load mod presets in mod options menu.
  14. Modding Added option to visualize passengers and cargo items at station modules.
  15. Modding Added option to trigger soundevents of passing trains and road vehicles at waypoints.
  16. Modding Added url metadata in mod.lua to support linking of non-workshop sources.
  17. Model Editor Added model validation function.
  18. Model Editor Added advanced screenshot options.
  19. Model Editor Added selective save options by resource type.
  20. Improved free game menu.
  21. Improved settings dialog: added option to toggle sound effects of bulldozer actions.
  22. Improved settings dialog: added option to toggle sound effects of construction actions.
  23. Improved user settings: added option to configure and disable crash savegames.
  24. Improved notifications: added settings to disable notifications.
  25. Improved application responsiveness during load screens.
  26. Improved highlighting of lines in line manager.
  27. Improved line and vehicle color selection.
  28. Improved persistence of HUD icon filter settings.
  29. Improved cockpit camera: add default camera position for leading vehicle in train if no camera positions are provided by model.
  30. Improved construction mode: skip camera move and zoom if station is already on screen.
  31. Improved tunnel construction: added (experimental) feature to adjust the minimum depth below ground.
  32. Improved bridge construction: added (experimental) feature to adjust the minimum heights above ground.
  33. Improved town editor: added new options to customize town needs per town.
  34. Improved load/unload time calculation for trains.
  35. Improved train stations: increased maximum platform length.
  36. Improved demolition sounds.
  37. Improved loading of DDS mipmaps.
  38. Improved debug output for certain asserts.
  39. Improved localization.
  40. Modding Improved base config: added value to disable load speed penalty.
  41. Modding Improved base config: added value to toggle particle effects for bulldozer actions.
  42. Modding Improved base config: added value to toggle particle effects for construction actions.
  43. Modding Improved scripting interface: added parcel system to scripting api.
  44. Model Editor Improved metadata editing.
  45. Model Editor Improved settings persistence.
  46. Model Editor Improved reference model selection.
  47. Model Editor Improved FBX import of seat locators.
  48. Fixed sinking ships when docking.
  49. Fixed road vehicle unbend at stops.
  50. Fixed cargo loss on vehicle replacement.
  51. Fixed incomplete loading on mixed cargo vehicles.
  52. Fixed sorting of vehicle model column in vehicle statistics.
  53. Fixed clickable area of town labels.
  54. Fixed game freeze when assigning ships to invalid lines.
  55. Fixed disabled advanced settings when mods are missing.
  56. Fixed stalled camera rotation.
  57. Fixed cut off filenames in error messages.
  58. Fixed deterministic simulation in increased game speeds.
  59. Fixed construction error related to lanes with length zero.
  60. Fixed hidden fault in crash saves resulting in later crashes with maxAge assert.
  61. Fixed crash related to open popups while line stops get removed.
  62. Fixed crash when building a road at very short distance from an existing node.
  63. Fixed crash when panning/zooming the map.
  64. Fixed crash in camera tool when two key frame positions are nearly the same.
  65. Fixed crash related to undefined vehicles from missing mods.
  66. Fixed crash on startup of the game (Windows).
  67. Fixed crash on game start with missing read access to directories.
  68. Fixed crash caused by SOL lua errors.
  69. Fixed crash caused while rebuilding street segments.
  70. Fixed crash when using autocomplete in the console.
  71. Fixed crash related to sequence recording with the camera tool.
  72. Fixed crash on AMD graphics cards (MacOS).
  73. Campaign Fixed train station filter in mission 1.
  74. Campaign Fixed crash related to stone circle task in mission 3.
  75. Modding Fixed scripting interface: added missing signal id.
  76. Modding Fixed scripting interface: minor documentation corrections.
  77. Modding Fixed scripting interface: EdgeGeometry returns pair for attributes pos and tangent.
  78. Model Editor Fixed crash with empty compartments.
  79. Model Editor Fixed empty folders in dropdown menus.
  80. Model Editor Fixed initial values of new metadata fields to be empty instead of 0.

Update #2

  1. Improved localization.
  2. Fixed cause for loss of campaign progress and medals.
  3. Fixed crash when clicking markers in campaigns multiple times.