Update January 23, 2020

  1. Fixed rare crash with vehicle store.
  2. Fixed rare crash with cockpit camera.
  3. Fixed rare crash when buying train.
  4. Fixed rare crash when building modules.
  5. Fixed rare crash when generating streets.
  6. Fixed crash with cockpit camera when animal dies.
  7. Fixed crash when encountering invalid DDS file.
  8. Fixed crash when opening vehicle replacement dialog.
  9. Fixed crash when construction points to missing models (modding).
  10. Fixed crash when building "ends" of asymmetric streets (modding).
  11. Fixed crashes related to using legacy model format (modding).
  12. Fixed tracks not bulldozable in certain cases (near crossings).
  13. Fixed cloned trains going to wrong platform.
  14. Fixed cloned road vehicles coming out of remote depot.
  15. Fixed replace vehicles sometimes sells all vehicles.
  16. Fixed line deselected while editing in certain cases (e.g. duplicate line names).
  17. Fixed vehicle store confusing modify/buy.
  18. Fixed moving waggons between trains when balance is negative.
  19. Fixed issue when replacing reversed train with non-reversible train.
  20. Fixed signals showing red/green at the same time in certain cases.
  21. Fixed construction menu categories not visible in certain cases (e.g. electrification).
  22. Fixed WASD keys hang when entering in-game menu.
  23. Fixed headquarters achievement not properly unlocked in certain cases.
  24. Fixed audio error when managing many vehicles at once.
  25. Fixed hovercraft engine sound too loud.
  26. Fixed minor town building details.
  27. Fixed missing railroad crossing selection tooltip.
  28. Fixed new vehicle notification details.
  29. Fixed issue with flickering buttons in line manager.
  30. Fixed missing translations.
  31. Fixed dynamic stop label not allowing negative offset (modding).
  32. [Campaign] Fixed rare crashes in missions 11, 13 and 14.
  33. [Campaign] Fixed mistakes in text links and locators in mission 12.
  34. [Campaign] Fixed missing train descriptions in mission 13.
  35. [Campaign] Fixed passengers transported by bus counted towards task progress in mission 16.