Update March 6, 2020

  1. Added straight street building mode.
  2. Added bulldozer brush feature: keep bulldozing while mouse pressed.
  3. Added free bulldozer functionality: bulldozing is generally free.
  4. Added refund bulldozer functionality: get a refund when bulldozing immediately.
  5. Added bulk color reset functionality in vehicle manager.
  6. Added terrain rendering quality low setting.
  7. Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + d: debug window with various features.
  8. Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + i: show rendering statistics.
  9. Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + r: reload shaders.
  10. Added debug mode feature: Alt Gr + b: show bounding boxes.
  11. Improved memory usage: significantly lower RAM consumption.
  12. Improved module builder performance (harbors).
  13. Improved terrain rendering performance: particularly on AMD graphic cards.
  14. Improved grass rendering performance.
  15. Improved line editing performance.
  16. Improved save game loading time.
  17. Improved line/vehicle manager usability: double-click on line opens line window.
  18. Improved line manager: currently hovered line blinking.
  19. Improved line manager: station labels of selected line better visible.
  20. Improved line manager cargo config icon style.
  21. Improved lines table: added links.
  22. Improved vehicle manager: added condition column.
  23. Improved vehicle statistics: added links.
  24. Improved line statistics: added links to line window charts and finances.
  25. Improved add mods to save game button.
  26. Improved vehicle (train) behavior: keep current stop when path is interrupted.
  27. Improved track catenary: distance between poles depending on curvature.
  28. Improved train depot with high speed upgrade ("No country for old trains" ach.).
  29. Improved picking of ships when docked.
  30. Improved hover rendering of harbors.
  31. Improved camera tool field of views: level of detail now scales correctly.
  32. Improved search field focus: pop focus on ESC when empty.
  33. Improved modding stability: removing bridge or tunnel mods no longer crashes.
  34. Improved underground rendering for module builder/bulldozer (modding).
  35. Improved error reporting when models are incorrectly configured (modding).
  36. Improved handling of incompatible mesh/materials configurations (modding).
  37. Improved collision handling of module slots with water: added parameter (modding).
  38. Improved rail station era_c platform roof connector.
  39. Improved LODs for stations.
  40. Improved LODs for depots.
  41. Improved LODs for ships.
  42. Improved LODs for aircraft.
  43. Improved LODs for asian locomotives.
  44. Improved LODs for ice1, avelia_express, eurodual and ten_wheeler.
  45. Improved LODs for oil refinery and steel mill.
  46. [Campaign] Improved cargo counting in mission 15.
  47. [Campaign] Improved translations in mission 16.
  48. [Campaign] Improved custom cargo models in several missions.
  49. Fixed delay/freeze when building land bridges.
  50. Fixed a problem where a big ship could be sent to a small dock and get stuck.
  51. Fixed vehicle store search field focus lost issue.
  52. Fixed rare crash with certain AMD graphics cards.
  53. Fixed rare crash when loading certain save games.
  54. Fixed crash when cloning vehicle on a line without stops.
  55. Fixed terrain rendering artifacts on Intel HD Graphics.
  56. Fixed an issue with rendering of bulldozer selection for underground objects.
  57. Fixed random crash when starting a new game or generating streets in editor.
  58. Fixed street terminal builder costs label not shown for non-terminals.
  59. Fixed Alt/Ctrl shortcut combination issue.
  60. Fixed some shortcuts.
  61. Fixed vehicle editor details when (re)moving wagons.
  62. Fixed vehicle window left click unfocus issue.
  63. Fixed multiple unit flipped icon issue.
  64. Fixed carrier filter buttons order.
  65. Fixed cloned aircraft ignoring small/large hangar.
  66. Fixed cockpit camera cargo item style.
  67. Fixed vehicles losing custom color when replaced.
  68. Fixed terrain ground texture glitches.
  69. Fixed several small performance issues.
  70. Fixed various vehicle balancing issues.
  71. Fixed line cargo configuration icon not showing active state in certain cases.
  72. Fixed collision with modular station when deleting and rebuilding a connected track.
  73. Fixed a train station building graphic glitch.
  74. Fixed issue where cargo items at truck stations not merging in 10 item groups.
  75. Fixed issue when building stations or depots leading to short game freeze.
  76. Fixed missing paths at train station main entrance.
  77. Fixed ship jumping when docked at terminus dock.
  78. Fixed UI playing many sound effects at once.
  79. Fixed industries and streets showing incorrect costs (map editor).
  80. Fixed streets incorrectly having maintenance costs (map editor).
  81. Fixed construction menu filter button list not scrollable (modding).
  82. Fixed only four track types limitation within the rail station construction (modding).
  83. Fixed vehicle maintenance costs when interval is non-default (modding).
  84. Fixed module menu parameters not scrollable (modding).
  85. Fixed ships virgo, herkules_xi, dunara_castle and zoroaster not being big ships.
  86. Fixed bounding volume of certain dock models.
  87. Fixed lanes for cargo harbor main building.
  88. Fixed texture error for Asian tram lvs_86.
  89. [Campaign] Fixed a crash in mission 9 when attempting to modify a rail depot.
  90. [Campaign] Fixed mission 11 progress counter.

Update #2

  1. Fixed rare crash shortly after loading the game.