Update October 29, 2019

Technical fixes

  1. Fixes to an issue where some players were unable to connect or got disconnected during an online game.
  2. Fixed a bug with failed invites.
  3. Added a save conversion when updating from an old build to a new build (prevents some special lost save cases).
  4. Fixed a character change bug in Classic mode.
  5. Fixed a bug where clients with high latency were able to deal more damage than intended to a boss.
  6. Fixed a boss to properly teleport to its intended position during an online game.
  7. Fixed bouncy ball causing camera shake during cutscenes.
  8. Fixed a bug with platforms if player joined during the map screen.

Gameplay fixes

  1. Blocked off some areas where players could get stuck or get out of bounds.
  2. Camera fixes to multiple levels in both singleplayer and co-op mode.
  3. Fixed ledgegrabs in multiple levels.
  4. Fixed co-op puzzle art in Heatherwood Hall.
  5. Fixed a respawn issue in The Blueberry Dale.
  6. Fixed a door that could become stuck if frozen in Firwood Water.
  7. Fixed a spiky log to no longer deal damage on the non spiky side in The Blueberry Dale.
  8. Fixed a chain bridge and a rotating platform in Craghill Moors.
  9. Improved dodge roll functionality.
  10. Fixed dodge roll and blink not working while running in top of a ball.
  11. Fixed ropes incorrectly locking objects.
  12. Fixed player health regeneration while dead.
  13. Small changes to portals.

UI and menu changes

  1. Added a Visual Quality option.
  2. Added Local Multiplayer Start buttons for additional players.
  3. Added a popup for swapping controllers and adding players.
  4. Added a "Are you sure?" popup when returning to main menu from Game Over screen.
  5. Fixed music to play correctly when returning to main menu from level selection menu.
  6. Small changes to skill tooltips.
  7. Overall GUI fixes.

Other fixes

  1. Localization fixes.
  2. Minor animation fixes.
  3. Fed some cats so they wouldn’t make as much noise.