Update April 4, 2021

Balance Changes

  1. "Unsecured device" now has a chance to give better intel (actual class). Less useful information ("X is not ") is still possible, and a small chance to fail alltogheter has been added.
  2. "Intelligence Informer" will now also let you know the class type (special, offensive, field ops, investigative) of your target in addition to the faction.
  3. Major rebalance in how the class-changing consumables are processed. It is now guaranteed for one of the operatives who equipped such type of consumables to work. Pricing has been adjusted accordingly to this change.
  4. Paper is no longer available for purchase... or is it?

Client Changes

  1. The ’suicide’ (disconnection) message now also reports the class of the disconnected player.
  2. Added a kick button in the lobby. Keep in mind you still can vote 1 person at a time - this is just to make it easier to avoid typing the command manually.
  3. "Agent Leader" will now see the skill that was assigned on spawn during the Preparation Night logs.
  4. Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes.

Servers Side Changes

  1. Experimental network improvements - please let me know if you still experience delayed emails arriving alltogether.
  2. Fixed a bug where a dead Rival Hacker would still see the Blackmailed Informer events.
  3. Fixed a bug where a CCTV would see a redirected player visit himself.
  4. Fixed a bug where intel could spawn on the target node.
  5. Fixed an issue where an enforcer escorting someone could be converted and arrested as mole on the same turn. The conversion now takes precedence, as usual.
  6. Fixed an issue where dead people would incorrectly see updated roles of other players under certain circumstances(e.g. a dead FA seeing someone turned into a mole by the living AL).
  7. Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes.