Update April 25, 2021

New Features

  1. YOU CAN NOW SUPPORT UNTRUSTED! You can buy exclusive ’supporter packs’ (avatar, badge, and coins) with real currency to support the development and maintenance of the game!
  2. Added new exclusive supporter badge series, currently featuring three new badges and avatar - one new badge and avatar each month to show your support to Untrusted!
  3. Added one new badge.
  4. Added 7 new avatars (Inmate series).
  5. New class "Corrupt Detective" (investigative neutral class, NETSEC friendly).
  6. New skills "Steal Intel" "Upload Intel" "Get Bribe" and "AGENT Scum" (all Corrupt Detective Exclusive).

Balance Changes

  1. "Blackmailed Informer" has a new additional sinergy with the "Get Bribe" skill. Whenever a Corrupt Detective gets a bribe, if a Rival Hacker is ingame it will receive information about alive operatives.
  2. "Install CCTV" does not lose the charge anymore if the action fails.
  3. "Paper" consumable is back, revamped.

Client Changes

  1. Added Supporter Store!
  2. Added "Join Game" sound effect that triggers when the lobby is ready and the game starts.
  3. Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes.

Servers Side Changes

  1. Fixed a bug where DOXX would circumvent frame and would show the real faction.
  2. Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes.