Update February 5, 2021

Balance changes / New features

  1. "Planned Raid" now occupies the target.
  2. "Script Kiddie" gains "create hideout".
  3. It is now possible to select a minimum level when creating a public game. I *STRONGLY* encourage you to keep playing with new players, otherwise new players will never be able to find players to play with and ultimately it will create a closed, elitist community. If I see that nobody is playing with new players anymore, I’ll consider disabling this feature. Please help new players if you can - the more we are, the better for everyone. Ideally you will use this option only when the server population is high enough that it warrants "walling" some players outside.
  4. It is now possible to kick someone from a game lobby. Type "/kick playername" (without the quotes). Abusing the kick function will cause a ban and possibly a name change and xp reset with extreme prejudice. Please report toxic behaviour as usual and lets keep Untrusted a friendly place for everyone!

Client Changes

  1. Miscellaneous minor improvements.

Servers Side Changes

  1. Fixed a bug that would let dead/arrested Inside Mans still see the target on the topology network UI, potentially allowing cheating via discord/vc.
  2. Miscellaneous minor improvements.
  3. Moved to a new infrastructure - more hiccups and downtimes are to be expected as the architecture evolves, sorry!