Update February 18, 2021

Balance Changes / New Features

  1. "Unskilled Attack" can now target both hacked and non-hacked nodes.
  2. Mole (Field Ops) loses "Follow".
  3. Mole (Field Ops) gains "Add Route" *** WARNING FOR NEW PLAYERS - this skill was disabled prior steam launch so you may be unfamiliar with it! ***.
  4. Mole (Investigative) gains "Follow".
  5. Add Route cooldown increased to 2, will now connect almost everytime to the previous layer (when possible) or - less probable - in the same topology layer (layer = column).
  6. Added 14 new avatars (Urban Legends set).
  7. Added 1 new badge "Good Kid" (retroactively!).
  8. Added Identity Ledger - Everyone starts with 8 slots ( Anonymous Identities + 7 free slots) to be filled with purchasable identities. Additional slots can be purchased from the Identity Browser. Everyone who already bought identities prior this patch has been granted free slots for all their purchased identities so far.
  9. Adjusted avatar prices.

Client Changes

  1. "Please Wait..." bug should now be fixed :3.
  2. Miscellaneous minor improvements.

Servers Side Changes

  1. Fixed a bug that would count a fake action from fake logs as real when counting the remaining charges, under certain conditions.
  2. Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.