Update March 21, 2021

New Features

  1. Added 14 new avatars, the ’AGENT’ collection.
  2. Retroactively added the ’Cryptohunter’ badge to all of those who played the March 2021 community event.

Balance Changes

  1. "Alter Logs" can now either work randomly (as before) or can now target one specific operative.
  2. "Rival Hacker" loses "Alter Logs".
  3. "Rival Hacker" loses "doxx and stalk".
  4. "Rival Hacker" gains "Harden Node".
  5. "Rival Hacker" gains "Jam Network".
  6. "Rival Hacker" gains "move hideout".
  7. "Rival Hacker" gains new passive skill "Blackmailed Informer".
  8. "Rival Hacker" is now a unique spawn.
  9. Rebalanced ’Rollback’ and ’Impartial Sabotage’ minimum and maximum number of fake logs.

Client Changes

  1. New players (LVL <=4) will have a ’New Player’ tage when mousehovering their nickname In-OPSEC.
  2. Chat message warnings now highlight the initial "[!]" in yellow. You can also manually type [!] at the beginning of a sentence to have it highlighted.
  3. Changed neutral color classes text in ’Encryped notes’.
  4. Changed icon for ’Topology Knowledge’ skill.
  5. Fixed agent leader cover mistakenly showing in the summary screen when the game ended before D4.
  6. Miscellaneous minor improvements.

Servers Side Changes

  1. Fixed a bug that would mistakenly convert a mole into Runaway Snitch when conversion conditions were not met correctly.
  2. Fixed a bug that would still show enforcer’s "sacrifice" messages after he was released from prison due to arrest+conversion on same turn game mechanic.
  3. Miscellaneous minor improvements and fixes.