Update June 20, 2022

New Content

  1. Maypole now enabled in the building menu.
  2. Flower crowns!
  3. New banner colours (Orange, white, yellow and purple).

Fixes & Improvements

  1. Unity updated to version 2020.3.33 (should reduce crashes!).
  2. Tamed animals now follow the player into Haldor’s forcefield.
  3. Tweaks to Yagluth’s hair so it no longer flies around in the air.
  4. Console command exclusivefullscreen is now toggleable.
  5. Mods can now set an isModded flag to let players and our support know the game is modded.
  6. Inventory keyboard UI hint fixed.
  7. Console server command ’recall’ added (teleports other players to your position).

Steam Cloud

  1. Cloud save files will now be stored in Steam/[YourIDNumber]/892970 instead of AppData.
  2. Local files will now be stored in "worlds_local" and "characters_local" under AppData and no longer be synced to cloud to avoid sync conflicts and dataloss when using multiple accounts on the same machine, and when using dedicated servers.
  3. Files still in the old file structure will be moved to the Steam Cloud or new local folder when used and a backup will be kept.
  4. Worlds’ save files can now be renamed and will load correctly.
  5. Large worlds (300mb or bigger) should now sync correctly.
  6. Maximum Cloud storage for Valheim has increased greatly, thanks Valve!