Update June 6, 2021


  1. The following units’ gold star skills have been revised upward.
  2. Knight Bruce.
  3. Eleschar the Jester.
  4. Jade the Lumberjack.
  5. Forest Barber Libian.
  6. Dumor the Convict.
  7. Flower Girl Carnelia.
  8. Appraiser Triffen.
  9. Longing Padparadscha.
  10. Fixed downward the skill of Dancer Reno for no star and silver star.

Bug Fix

  1. Fixed a bug that the resolution of some monitors is not reflected correctly when in window mode.
  2. Fixed a bug that the forest symbol was not displayed in the filter function of the Field Guide.
  3. Fixed an error in the English translation of the freezing effect.