Update February 26, 2021


  1. Error message "No Valid Solution" displayed when no mathematical solution to target intercept exists; torpedoes cancel, guns will not fire until valid.
  2. Unit Viewer now holds focus on Name In Class.
  3. Fixed rear torpedo tube torpedo orientation on firing.
  4. Removed the duplicate Akatsuki ships listed as members of the Fubuki class (will not change existing campaigns).

ship_data.txt file edits

  1. Brooklyn TDS added.
  2. Amphion TDS added.
  3. Cleveland TDS edited.
  4. Takao belt at magazines thickened to 5".
  5. Atlanta Magazine armor added.


  1. Fixed Ship Preview panel to display correct cargo type and amount.
  2. Fixed Ship Preview panel to display on ships during task force creation.
  3. Releasing ships returns any cargo on board to the location.
  4. Releasing ships closes cargo and formation panels if they were open.
  5. Weather icons updated on loading campaign.