Update March 2, 2021

Version 1.08c3

  1. Fixed 10th ship not getting placed correctly in some formations.
  2. Corrected breaking up of air groups into groups of 4.
  3. Corrected scout launch defaulting to 1, even if no scouts remaining.
  4. Repairing an offline gun will not return it to online if associated magazine is not functional.
  5. Decreased strafe damage and improved armor protection against strafing.

ship_data.txt file edits

  1. Wichita TDS at forward magazine corrected.
  2. North Carolina armor corrected.
  3. South Dakota armor corrected.

Version 1.08c2

  1. Nation and ship type filters added to Unit Viewer.
  2. Corrected 50 B17 typo in campaign001 setup.txt (introduced v1.08c).
  3. Added support for flights greater than 12.
  4. Using map toolbar to follow target no longer drops out of binocular view.

Version 1.08c


  1. Torpedoes and depth charges no longer factored into Time Compression availability.
  2. Time compression availability now filtered by air attack distance 2500m vs Sea, 2000m vs Air.
  3. Mission file guadalcanal1 - corrected references to Akatsuki class ships (originally listed under Fubuki Class).
  4. Fixed Malaita typo in tutorial missions and campaign001 objectives.
  5. Fixed submerged speed penalty on submarines for loss of propellers and electric engines.
  6. Fixed submarine cavitation when propulsion offline.
  7. Surface radar no longer provides Solution bonus against submerged targets.
  8. Yorktown and Shokaku data.txt "aircraftTotal":[24,24,24] to more historically accurate values.
  9. Added "minute= min" to dictionary/general.txt.


  1. Campaign ammo preview corrected for ships having performed bombardments.
  2. Scout aircraft default to 1 aircraft when preparing to launch.
  3. Added display for Endurance and Cooldown when launching aircraft/switching payloads (dictionary/general.txt AirLaunchData).
  4. Language/campaign_message.txt added "MaxFlight" message.

setup.txt file edits

  1. PostEngageSeaCooldown decreased to 30 min.
  2. Added 300x time compression rate, timeCompression:[0,1,60,300,600,1800].
  3. Reduced maxCampaignDetectionRange:50.0 to 35 km.

config.txt file edits

  1. AircraftLaunchCooldown:0.
  2. New variable "maxInFlight":12.
  3. Flights from ships and airbases now limited by "maxInFlight":12.