Update March 22, 2021

Version 1.08c7


  1. Attacking aircraft with only the fighter flight leader now assigns all followers to also attack.


  1. AI no longer launches new scouts against a player group that is already spotted (multiple existing scouts looking for player may still vector to it though).
  2. AI no longer launches aircraft against scouts.
  3. AI locations now correctly apply cool down on launching aircraft.
  4. Air groups no longer spot contacts or generate encounters outside allowed Air Operation hours.
  5. Corrected Campaign Summary RULES display of air Op hours which started 1 hour too early.
  6. Starting a Campaign engagement should no longer fail to load due to badly damaged enemy ships.

config.txt added new variables

  1. aircraftLandCooldown:240 seconds applied to each aircraft landing at a location or ship.
  2. aircraftDestroyedCooldown:600 seconds applied immediately after an engagement for each aircraft destroyed (Locations only).
  3. postAirBreakSwitchTargetProb:[0.0,0.2], probability for player,enemy aircraft to switch to nearest target after preforming a dogfight break turn.

Version 1.08c6

  1. RULES detection ranges converted to imperial/metric and units displayed.
  2. Other aircraft acting as scouts no longer generate encounters once IGNORE is used on them.
  3. config.txt added "campaignLocationRadiiFactor":1.0 to edit the radius displayed for location detection ranges.

Version 1.08c5


  1. yamato/42.txt corrected deck and funnel armor.


  1. Campaign setup.txt files added 2 variables for AI scoutings behaviour:
  2. "autoScoutThreshold":400.
  3. "applyScoutDetectionModifier":true.
  4. config.txt campaignMapInertiaDuration:0.1 to assist with users having run away map inertia.
  5. Added new Option for "Simple Camp. Map Drag" so that campaign map drags in same manner as tactical map.
  6. default/language/dictionary/generat.txt added StratMapSpeed=Simple Camp. Map Drag.
  7. Added gridlines to strategic map graphic.
  8. config.txt "showCampaignLocationRadii":true to display max airfield and port detection ranges.
  9. Engagements now sort nearby units by distance to find the closest valid Sea and Air groups to place into combat.
  10. Engagements now always reveal the enemy icon.
  11. Sea group postEngagementTimer only applied after an engagement if any opposing ship was present and remains unsunk.
  12. Added a check for corrupt ammunition data which should (mostly) allow correct loading of TACTICAL.

Version 1.08c4


  1. WORLD changed to TACTICAL in tutorial 12 page 7.
  2. Fixed Air groups that would sometimes ignore detected player ships.
  3. No valid firing solution message no longer displayed by AI units.
  4. Museum correctly displays name of last selected unit when using filters.


  1. Campaign paused whenever entering TACTICAL view.
  2. When possible, AI carriers now deploy a fighter wing when engaged (CAP).
  3. When possible, AI carriers now also deploy a bomber wing when engaged by a player Sea group.
  4. Player may IGNORE an engagement with a single enemy aircraft (fighter, bomber etc) as they are almost always acting as a scout.
  5. Other AI aircraft types acting as scouts now correctly report player positions as the Scout subclass does.