Update February 22, 2021


  1. Unit Roster color coded by leaders and followers.
  2. LEFT Click on color tabs selects unit and all members of that formation/group.
  3. Controlled Unit roster text now highlighted YELLOW.
  4. Zoom In/Out keys now zoom Map, even when not in binoculars view.
  5. Selecting a new unit now updates target information while game is paused.
  6. Orders panel now correctly displays new selected unit’s navigation data.


  1. MALAITA typo corrected on strategic map.
  2. Fixed campaign tutorial which had insufficient resources to demonstrate upgrading ports/airfields.
  3. Atlanta AAA gun display in Unit Viewer corrected.
  4. Corrected AAA data for Agano and Aoba _data.txt files.
  5. Corrected Farragut class ship name typo: Macdonough.
  6. Perth class assigned main guns to correct magazines.
  7. Fixed a bug where map icons would not scale correctly after quitting a previous battle via the Pause Menu.
  8. Breaking out a unit within a line formation now keeps any followers in original formation.
  9. Added an error message when trying to create air formation with different aircraft types.
  10. Switched Air Line Ahead to follow leader only which solved line ahead issues with new Roster Interface.


  1. Return to base on first waypoint (and task forces stopping?) further addressed.
  2. Removing ship during recruitment now updates Unit Viewer to longer display it as under command.
  3. Enemy ships with extensive damage can no longer call a retreat at combat startup (prior to player ships being generated) which could lock up a campaign and require a reload.
  4. Map Waypoints should now correctly be restored on reloading a campaign.
  5. AI strategic decisions limited to 1 per day.
  6. AI no longer launches fighters against ships.