Update September 4, 2020

PC & Console

  1. Fixes progression reset/loss issues for co-op and single player.
  2. Fixes an issue in co-op where the intro movie may not play for the host, or could cause one player to become stuck watching the intro movie.
  3. Fixes for loading screens in co-op and single player stopping at 33%.
  4. Fixes an issue where game progression is blocked when system is set to specific regions/languages.
  5. Fix for co-op radio transmissions to sync for host and guest.
  6. Fix for co-op Kodiak de-sync issue after receiving a radio transmission.
  7. La Perla quest blocker fix.
  8. Fixes Fishlips’ encounter issue.
  9. Polly and Cyborg Chickens are being toughened up.

Console Only

  1. Multiple fixes aimed at greatly improving stability on consoles.