Update May 5, 2022


  1. Added new European Expansion in online matchmaking games for everyone (!).
  2. Added a new European Expansion tutorial.
  3. AI major overhaul.
  4. Better AI logic.
  5. Faster AI turn times.
  6. AI birds powers major rework.
  7. Automa changes - minor changes to Automa turn screen for better user experience.
  8. Added a new online profile panel.
  9. Added new toggle expansions popup in custom game.
  10. Updated credits.
  11. Added play birds sound button in the atlas.
  12. Added card preview while taking from the card deck.


  1. Fixed missing confirm buttons.
  2. Fixed End of round power sometimes blocking.
  3. Fixed refreshing online turns.
  4. Fixed missing focus buttons.
  5. Fixed mouse and controller navigation on scrollable lists.