Update November 10, 2021

New Features

  1. The Dog Storage screen now has a separate tab that lets you browse through all the dog cores and memorials you own. This view makes it easy to organize your collection and prune anything you no longer wanna keep around.
  2. Dog cores now have a quality associated with them. Fully grown dogs who die of natural causes produce the highest quality cores. When selecting a core, there’s a new menu option to crack it open. If you feed this cracked core to another dog, they’ll have their lifespan extended by an amount relative to the core’s quality. Dogs who live past their natural lifespan will have their ages set to "Ancient". The older a dog gets, the less it needs to eat but the more it needs to sleep.


  1. A new song that plays while you’re browsing through the Dog Storage screen! This’ll be added to the OST shortly.

Game Adjustments/Minor Additions

  1. The game now saves dog portraits for cores and memorials. This means that the first time you load into an existing save file after this update, startup will take longer than usual as the game attempts to generate and store off these portraits for any cores or memorials you already own. This is a one-time cost and the game will let you know that it’s happening.
  2. You can now directly command your dogs to sleep.
  3. Sleeping dogs will no longer wake up due to being angry, bored, or stressed out.
  4. When hovering over a core, the owning dog’s name is now visible.
  5. A new flora! The key to unlocking this particular little guy lies within your ancient dogs.
  6. A new command, "Play Dead", only accessible to Ancient dogs.
  7. A dog’s age, in real world minutes, is now visible in storage and for the active dog in-world when mousing over its age category (adult, puppy, etc).

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed inconsistent hover behavior for dog need icons.
  2. If a save file cannot be read for some reason, the game should now let you select and manually delete the file rather than just freezing on startup or showing a file you cannot interact with.
  3. [MacOS] I’ve added a secondary default binding for deleting objects so that the "delete" key on macbooks works as expected without setting up custom bindings.
  4. Performance/Optimization:
  5. Save files now have additional data associated with them so that dog portraits can be saved for cores and memorials. To offset the size of this additional data, I’ve gone in and added compression to saved dog portraits. This optimization was successful enough to mean that your save files are likely going to be even smaller than they were previously!