Update March 10, 2021

Game Adjustments

  1. Dog dens are now moveable. This only applies to completed dens, not the dirt patch. If any dogs are inside of the den when it’s moved, they’ll be expelled to prevent them from being stuck in the short term.
  2. It was hard to tell your specific progress using the reinforcement bars for praising/scolding dog behavior, and many players had issues completing the associated achievements because they thought they’d maxed out a bar even though there was still a tiny bit left to go. I’d like to further improve these visuals in the future, but for now I’ve added a percentage complete readout to these bars so that you can tell exactly how close you are.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a display issue inside of the Dog Storage screen in the event that you had no dogs when it first loaded.
  2. If objects or dogs escaped the bounds of a den interior, they’d often appear to float in space. This was because the interior objects had all their future colliders active from the start, so things could get stuck on that geometry even if it wasn’t visible. I’ve updated the interiors such that most of these colliders are now inactive until their geometry becomes visible. The structure of the interiors makes this a bit complex, so there are still a few exceptions, but this should vastly reduce how common floating objects are. I’d still like to address the core issues behind objects escaping the den interior bounds, but this fix is still necessary to catch edge case escapees. Anything that falls into the void will get destroyed, be moved to your inventory, or respawn as appropriate.