Update March 12, 2021

Game Updates and Adjustments

  1. You may now rename a dog by going into the Dog Storage screen, selecting that dog, and pressing the newly added "Rename" button in the upper-left corner of that screen.
  2. Two new minor dog behaviors, swaying and bouncing. Dogs may sometimes run these when they’re in a good mood.
  3. The ESC key should now close most menus/popups for you, though there are some instances where I’ve explicitly not implemented this for design reasons.
  4. Slightly lowered the chances of capsules spawning from freshly dug holes. Dogs will generally lay a capsule a few minutes after reaching adulthood anyways, and now that dogs dig a bit more often than before it feels unnecessary for holes to spawn them as often as they had been. I’ll continue to monitor this rate going forward.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a tutorial bug where putting your dog in storage before being told to feed it would result in a softlock.