Update March 19, 2021

Game Updates/Adjustments

  1. A new button has been added to the UI inside of Placement Mode that, when pressed, will clean up all the loose objects inside of that room. Non-inventory objects like food and poop will be destroyed, while eggs and seeds will be collected, and toys and dog cores will be put into your inventory.
  2. In an effort to make the mutation effects from Crysilia less difficult to obtain, I’ve adjusted how that flora operates. It will still sometimes boost the mutation effects of most other flora on collision and destroy itself in the process, but it will no longer do this with Scaph or with itself. This means that while its effects are still on the rarer side, it will be much easier than before to maintain a dog with an entire gut full of this flora, which should help make your chances of gaining its effects much higher.
  3. The "Skip" button for the breeding center cutscene is now visible as soon as the "sequencing" text appears, meaning you can now end that flow way more quickly and travel back to the pens right away.

Bug Fixes

  1. I noticed that certain dogs seemed to be having much more trouble walking than they should. Diving more into it I found an issue with how the dogs were being procedurally constructed that was affecting any dog with a vertically shrunken/squished body. These dogs should now have a much easier time walking than before. In addition, dogs with vertically stretched bodies should now be less likely to have their legs get stuck inside their bodies. This fix won’t affect every dog in the game with walking issues, but there’s a good chance some of your pups will now be more self-sufficient!
  2. After updating a dog’s epitaph, the text wouldn’t update when mousing over that memorial until the scene re-loaded. It should now update immediately.
  3. Fixed another possible loading softlock for cocoons in the instance where the object they’d attached themselves to could no longer be located while the game was starting up.