Update March 29, 2021

New Content

  1. 16 new carpets and wallpapers to even out the counts for the existing themed sets. These are standard unlockables so you’ll get ’em through capsules.

Game Adjustments

  1. As people work towards 100% flora field guide completion, the complaint that’s come up again and again is that you need dud eggs for this, but they’re only accessible through a very low chance random event. When I designed this event it was intended to just be a funny rare thing that only certain players might ever even see, but I didn’t take into account that it would be frustrating for those who were trying to 100% things. To preserve the original design intent but also make it more controllable, I’ve done the following.
  2. Dud eggs are no longer the result of a random event, and instead are tied directly to a dog’s diet. The more scaph flora a dog has in its system, the more likely it is (up to a point) that when it’s time for that dog to lay an egg, duds will come out instead. It won’t happen every time, but the chance is high enough that if you’re intentionally shooting for it, it shouldn’t be too hard to get. The scaling for how likely this is when scaph is present should also hopefully make it so this won’t happen by accident very often unless you’ve been intentionally loading your dogs up on this flora.
  3. In an effort to prevent dogs from turning into inseparable squirming masses of limb and tail, they will no longer grab onto each other in the breeding simulation.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a dog core duplication glitch specifically when deleting memorials via the trash button.