Update February 4, 2021

Game Adjustments

  1. The death by starvation goal came off as more mean-spirited than I intended. The original idea was that it was something that might just happen naturally at some point, but instead people were feeling obligated to starve a dog on purpose which was not my intent, though in retrospect is the obvious outcome. I’ve replaced this goal with one to just play the game for 10 hours. The reward is the same.
  2. Some of the goals were way too hard for people to comfortably achieve in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve lowered the requirements for egg collection, hole digging, egg hatching, and seed planting. I’ll continue to keep an eye on these going forward and will adjust further if necessary. I’m already aware of how difficult it is to 100% the flora field guide due to one object requiring a super rare random event to find and will be looking into that in the future.

Bug Fixes

  1. There have been some issues with the game softlocking for certain people as a result of the cocoon hatch sequence. I think that part of this may be due to some computers running out of memory, but I also audited the system and found several ways the cocoons could softlock the game consistently if they ended up being destroyed during the hatching sequence. I’ve made this system much more robust as part of this patch. The underlying issue is likely not fixed, but this should hopefully make it less likely that the result will be your game softlocking until you restart it. Please do continue to report bugs with this system, especially if you’re comfortable giving out contact info. Looking at error logs from players who have this problem will help me a lot!
  2. Fixed an issue where legless dogs could break the game if their leg color tried to mutate. They would try to grab their leg material, but having no legs meant there was no material to be grabbed. The game now handles this case gracefully.
  3. Fixed an issue where a dog’s head could get so tiny that it would invert and scale negatively, causing warnings to spew. While tiny heads are a delight, when they get too small the physics system has issues and this can lead to other in-game problems, so in addition to stopping them from inverting I’ve also capped their minimum scale. They can still get very small, but they will no longer be able to achieve microscopic proportions.
  4. Fixed an issue where players were unable to select objects in placement mode that had been placed flush against a pipe entrance.
  5. Fixed an issue where you could double-click on a dog inside the breeding simulation, which would enable you to use the context menu when it should’ve been locked away.
  6. Added some additional error handling for hacked genetics. You can easily break the game by screwing with dog import codes and while I’ll continue to try and get the game to handle these codes gracefully, just remember that you may be sending it data it has no reason to expect and that can result in game breaking issues. Please consider backing up your save file before playing around with hand-edited dog import codes. I make no guarantees!