Update February 6, 2021

  1. The big update this patch is that I’ve done work to improve save stability. There are multiple places where the game touches your save file, both to look at the data and to update it. Before this update, only the central save function had every single safeguard in place. This update had me improving file handling procedures and unifying error handling and cleanup so that every code path that touches your save is now wrapped and using the same protections. In addition, I found a few places where the game would softlock if saving failed at very particular times and I’ve fixed those issues. This may mean that the game still gives you a bug (for example if it fails to save before traveling to the breeding center, it will now just not let you travel), which is not ideal, but it’s better than softlocking and forcing you to close the game manually. In addition, the game will now try to save off a backup file in the case the procedure fails at particular points.
  2. The plugin I was using to access your computer’s clipboard and let you copy/paste dog codes from within the game turned out to not be completely stable and in some instances could crash the game. I looked for an update but that plugin has been officially deprecated and wiped from the internet since I originally downloaded it. I’ve removed it from the game and found another library that does the same thing but seems much more stable (and actually gives me source code access). In my testing I wasn’t able to get it to break or crash.