Update February 9, 2021

Game Adjustments

  1. Lowered rarity values of flora effects. Ultra rare mutations should feel a bit easier to get now.

Bug Fixes

  1. Some players have still been reporting issues with getting the context menu to show up when clicking on objects. At this point it seems there are two likely reasons for this. One could be that low framerates are making it harder to click on things, although this should in theory not be the case. The second potential issue is that for some people the click window is just too fast for them to be comfortable with. I’ve attempted to address both of these problems. I’ve doubled the click window so that there’s more leniency for when something is reported as a click vs a grab. This should not have a noticeable effect on players not having issues as the game automatically turns a click into a grab if the mouse moves significantly. The second thing I’ve done is scale the click window even further based on framerate. Once the average framerate drops past a certain point, the click window now continues to raise even further. If the issue persists after this patch, please file an additional bug so I can look into things from another angle.
  2. Some players have been reporting repeating issues with loading into the breeding simulation and not getting any dogs, resulting in a situation where they had to restart the game. I’ve looked into this from many different angles and as far as I can tell, this is an issue with the game running out of memory that would manifest as dog portraits being unable to generate. I still want to address that root issue, but for the time being I’ve put in code to attempt to gracefully handle this so that it won’t soft lock. When portraits fail to generate, the game now has error handling such that empty portraits can be used instead and the game can proceed. The next time the game starts up, it will attempt to regenerate these portraits if possible, so dogs won’t get stuck like this forever. If you run into situations where dog portraits are empty, please still do file bugs on it, but this should be much less disruptive than soft locking the game.
  3. I noticed that when placing an object in Placement Mode on top of a Corn Chip, the game would chug. Sufficiently small objects were failing to efficiently find a good location to move to because they were reporting collisions with the placement grid itself, which shouldn’t have been considered.
  4. Fixed exploit where you could infinitely give yourself unfertilized eggs by fertilizing a default egg in the incubator and then destroying it.
  5. Fixed a bug causing your dog cores to duplicate (X3 in some cases) when destroying a room with gravestones in it.
  6. Fixed a bug where if you destroyed a dog den while the smoke particles were active and a dog was finalizing its construction, the dog would remain hidden and the smoke particles would not go away until you reloaded.
  7. If a dog was saved while inside of a den, it was not properly storing its position and would get respawned on load in a room that it may not have actually been able to access. The game now correctly looks at which room the den is inside of and stores that info when a dog is saved. Dogs may still appear to teleport on load if they’re saved while inside of a pipe, and I’ve filed an issue so I can look into this in the future.
  8. Updated cursor hotspot for the clickable mouse cursor so that it more accurately aligns to the finger. Because this hotspot is different than the other cursor hotspots, the cursor may appear to slightly move when mousing over something clickable, but from my testing this does not appear to be a big issue and is still a better alternative than the cursor appearing misaligned.
  9. Fixed a bug where the tutorial would get stuck if you manually destroyed the cocoon while the dog was hatching.
  10. Because of a recent update that changed the hunger values inside of the tutorial, dogs were no longer autonomously eating during the section where you were told to feed them. This has been adjusted.
  11. The tutorial could get permanently stuck on the "Feed your dog" section if you removed a food dispenser after that section started up. The game now correctly handles this.
  12. If you waited long enough in the tutorial the dog could let you mutate it before you were supposed to, breaking the tutorial sequence. Dog aging is now paused while the tutorial is active until the appropriate point.