Update February 10, 2021

Bug Fixes

  1. The "time played" field on the file select screen was visually resetting for some players. The time was still saved correctly, but my code to display "hours played" was grabbing number of hours directly, while my code keeping track of the amount of time passed was incrementing "days" and wrapping "hours" back down to 0 once that value reached 24. The game will now display the number of hours played correctly even if you play for more than a year, though I recommend you maybe don’t rack up an in-game time quite that long.

Game Adjustments and Changes

  1. Added an option in the Gameplay Settings menu to manually set the average adult dog lifespan. This is set and saved on a per-file basis. Do note that adjusting this value will not also scale things like how long it takes to lay an egg.
  2. Added support for borderless fullscreen in the options menu.
  3. Added a disclaimer to the start of the game about feeding real life dogs food from inside this game. While I think this situation is unlikely, some players have expressed concern about it, the disclaimer was easy to add, and I would feel terrible if someone did ever accidentally hurt their dog as a result of trying to reenact aspects of this game. The disclaimer only displays at the very start of your session and shouldn’t disrupt your experience.
  4. Gut flora tooltips in the dispenser UI for undiscovered flora now use fixed length strings for hidden information text. I only made this change because I think it looks cleaner.