Update May 20, 2020


  1. Improved stability/performance while loading.
  2. Improved stability in Tactical.


  1. Fixed a bug that could cause units to sometimes float above the ground.
  2. Fixed a bug allowing conflicting modifiers on breach points.
  3. Fixed a bug causing breach items to display incorrect usage text.
  4. Fixed a bug allowing Psi-Zombies to attack from too far away.
  5. Fixed a bug causing Shrapnel Grenade targeting to display incorrectly.
  6. Fixed a bug causing an inaccurate Encounter count in multi-map missions.
  7. Fixed a bug allowing a Sectopod to spawn too early in the Gray Phoenix Takedown.
  8. Fixed a bug that could allow Patchwork to take infinite actions.
  9. Fixed a bug preventing hit/miss VO from playing.
  10. Fixed a bug that could prevent Cherub from moving.
  11. Rebalanced the Sacred Coil Takedown and fixed a Gatekeeper bug during the Takedown.


  1. Fixed a bug that could cause equipment to disappear from the Armory.
  2. Fixed a bug preventing Scavenger Market NPCs from showing up.
  3. Rebalanced Mach Weave.


  1. Fixed a bug causing the end-of-game stats to disappear on lower resolutions.
  2. Fixed a bug causing game audio to end before game credits.
  3. Updated the audio listings in the game credits.

Launcher Update

  1. We have released a new update for the 2K Launcher today. The update should download automatically; if you are having trouble, restart your Steam client and it should download automatically.