Update August 24, 2021


  1. New Playable Map "Abandoned Hospital".
  2. New Playable Map "M.V. Meghna" aka Ferry Launch.
  3. New Weapon Audio System.
  4. New Gunshot SFXs for all weapons.
  5. Skill-Based matchmaking option for Quick Match.
  6. New Weapon Five Seven (CT Side).
  7. New Weapon AS Val (T Side).
  8. New Weapon PP Bizon (T Side).
  9. New Weapon Sawed Off (T Side).
  10. New Utility Smoke Grenade (CT Side).
  11. New Foregrip options for weapon customization.
  12. New Pressure Pad options for weapon customization.
  13. New Laser option for weapon customization.
  14. New Co-Op Cutscenes (First Iteration).
  15. New Co-Op Hostage models.
  16. New Co-Op Hostage animation sets.
  17. Selection Menu weapon detail preview.
  18. Selection Menu utilities detail preview.
  19. New Inventory System (Press Tab when near dead body).
  20. Canted ADS for using new Steiner laser.
  21. Ability to shoot lights out.
  22. (PvP) Report dead body feature.
  23. Tinnitus Effect for continuous shooting.
  24. (PvP) Coughing state for T side when inside smoke zone.
  25. Co-Op Free Cam option after death in (Casual Mode Only).
  26. Bullet casing SFX.
  27. Body wound for getting shot.
  28. Notification for player joined match.
  29. (PvP) Penalty for leaving a on-going match (2000 Points).
  30. More environmental ambient SFXs.
  31. Weapon initial deploy animations.
  32. Gameplay Settings Tinnitus toggle option.
  33. Graphics Settings Post Process toggle option.
  34. Audio Settings new main menu OST options.


  1. Jittery movement visual.
  2. Penetrated bullet direction issue.
  3. (PvP) Breaking Meth specific outside door exploit.
  4. (PvP) Header Player Alive icons will update once reported or round ends.
  5. (PvP) Joining on-going match causes possible door desync.
  6. Thrown Grenade reset can be shot.
  7. Tier 2 achievement not being received.
  8. Fixed Several missing light fixtures throughout all existing maps.
  9. Spy Cam not defusing when shot.
  10. Several rappel exploit issues.
  11. Co-Op secure weapon spamming issue.
  12. Co-Op Flash-bang causing arrest desync.
  13. Co-Op Suspect unable to see through Residential House Elder’s Room.
  14. Co-Op Suspect AI aim block still allows to shoot.
  15. Co-Op Arresting all suspects and not neutralizing results in points missing.
  16. Missing key-bind for Team Chat & All Chat.
  17. Terror House PC Monitors not disabling with breaker switch.
  18. Team members overflow causing match related issues.
  19. Suppressor smoke VFX position.


  1. Buffer clean up system added for better network connectivity.
  2. Co-Op reworked suspect patrol locomotion.
  3. Broken doors can now be interacted.
  4. C2 can blow up other utilities in the vicinity.
  5. Spy Cam collider scale.
  6. Setting options changed during match will now save when leaving match.
  7. Overall Functionality Optimization.
  8. Weapon Attachment scales & VFXs.
  9. Glock Re-centered pose animations.
  10. Caster Mode weapon selection screen UI.
  11. Round End UI design.
  12. Audio Settings level change value.
  13. Weapon Modification preview screen.
  14. Breaker Switch lights smoother change state.
  15. All grenade usage animations.
  16. Flare light fade out effect.
  17. Movement Gravity force element.
  18. Physics related optimization.
  19. Network related optimization.
  20. Frag Grenade functionality optimization.
  21. C2 functionality optimization.
  22. Breaker Switch functionality optimization.


  1. M4 fire rate slightly.
  2. Co-Op Suspect Horizontal Spread.


  1. (PvP) Weapon Resource is now limited in both sides.
  2. (PvP) Utility Resource is now limited in both sides.
  3. Players can now damage others even after round ends.
  4. IR sights can now only be seen with NVGs.
  5. Removed weapon pickup prompt.
  6. (PvP) Removed Kill feed.
  7. Several map furniture changes.
  8. Glock is now available in both sides.
  9. MP7 is now CT Side weapon.
  10. Mac 10 is now T Side weapon.
  11. Disabled Rich text feature for steam player names.
  12. Color Correction for Hotel Trouble, Breaking Meth (Day Time) & Residential House.