Update August 26, 2021

  1. Fixed Spectating a team member death animation shows clipping through floor.
  2. Fixed Co-Op planning table "Execute Now" button not interactable after double clicking.
  3. Fixed NVG Interaction animation causing weird postures.
  4. Fixed Cobra Sight tiled reticle issue.
  5. Fixed missing Deagle ADS fast reload animation.
  6. Fixed Deagle magazine empty showing bullet.
  7. Fixed missing door in "M.V. Meghna" VIP Lounge.
  8. Improved fix for joining on going and spawning as a player but getting stuck in default cam.
  9. Improved fix for throwable utilities staying over round.
  10. Increased the scale of Co-Op Suspect interaction (arrest/interrogate) radius.
  11. Changed Skill-based matchmaking to be turned off by default.
  12. Changed "M.V. Meghna" VIP main door direction (inter).